7 Strategies to Diversify Your Content and Attract New Audiences

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7 Strategies to Diversify Your Content and Attract New Audiences

Content is king. It helps you connect with a relevant audience and generate awareness about your brand.

Content is the key to generating traction for your online business and capturing quality leads for your sales funnel.

However, doing so may be easier said than done, as growing businesses often find it challenging to attract and engage new audiences through their content strategy.

There may be multiple factors that may come into play here, such as the ever-changing interests of the intended audience, industry trends, the competitive landscape, and so on, causing your content to become saturated and lose its effectiveness.

When that happens, diversifying your content may be a viable approach that helps you achieve your set goals.

This article showcases a few noteworthy strategies that may help you diversify your content and attract new audiences.

  1. Get Acquainted With Your Audience’s Interests

The key to generating more traction through your content is creating it around the needs and preferences of your target audience.

Around 71% of people think that you can only get the best results from your content if you understand your audience to deliver customer-centric content.


It increases the likelihood of engagement and makes it possible for you to get more eyeballs. However, the interests of your target audience may change over time.

And keeping up with them will help you diversify your content and make changes to your content strategy as the situation demands.

  1. Leverage Content Gap

Another effective way to diversify your content and attract new audience segments is by assessing the content gap.

This requires you to study your competitors and explore the content that they produce. Next, you compare their content with yours to identify areas that you have not covered yet.

No matter how well-thought-out your content creation process is, there’s always room for improvement. There may be opportunities that you have missed, which you can explore by studying your competition. This helps you diversify your content and cover new topics that resonate with your niche.

  1. Explore the Latest Trends

Exploring the latest trends in your respective industry is an excellent way to diversify your content and generate more traction. Keeping an eye on new trends helps you discover new topics and increase your traffic volume.

Rising trends are often a hot topic for discussion. People like to search for the latest happenings and want to stay tuned to the current news and updates. This is due to the fear of missing out, which you can leverage to cast a wider net.

Creating content around the latest trends not only helps you attract new audiences but also improves your search engine visibility. Google, a search engine giant with 93% of the market share in the industry, prefers fresh and relevant content.

So, covering the latest trends may fuel your SEO and make your content stand out from the competing brands in your respective industry.

  1. Explore Different Content Types

If you want to improve your content diversity, you should consider exploring different content types.

It’s reported that 58% of content creators generally produce around 2 to 4 different types of content for their respective audiences.

Not only does this make their content diverse, but it also allows them to cater to the different choices of their target audience.

When it comes to consuming content, people may have different preferences. Some may like text-based content, whereas others may be fascinated by visuals.

Even the specified categories can be further classified into different content types, such as blogs, guides, webinars, infographics, podcasts, videos, and more.

Leveraging different content types helps you drive more engagement and attract a wider audience through different platforms.

  1. Be Familiar With Dynamics of Different Platforms

Speaking of platforms, to outperform your competitors, having an omnichannel presence is a must.

You can’t just create content, publish it on your website, and be done with it. You may have to leverage a variety of platforms to engage the intended audience.

Social media has over 4.74 billion users around the globe. So, your inactivity on the platforms that align with your niche may prove to be a fatal mistake.

However, to generate traction through social media and other third-party platforms, it’s essential that you get acquainted with the platform dynamics.

Each platform may target a different audience segment and give you better results if you share a particular type of content. So, having an active presence on different platforms may call for and improve your content diversity.

  1. Leverage User-Generated Content

You can improve your content diversity by leveraging user-generated content. This can be customer reviews, testimonials, or success stories, representing the experiences of your target audience with the solutions offered by you.

You can use this content to create case studies and showcase them on your website, make videos, or create social media posts and stories.

User-generated content not only helps you diversify your content but also makes it possible for you to engage your target audience.

Plus, you can significantly improve your conversions, as around 55% find it difficult to trust unfamiliar brands and look for recommendations online before making a buying decision.

  1. Leverage Content Curation

Curating content may come in handy when improving your content diversity. Whether you use the content already published by you or leverage third-party sources, curating content is an efficient way to attract a relevant audience, as you don’t create content from scratch.

For example, you can take a blog and curate a video from it by using the blog’s content as your script.

Maintaining content diversity may be challenging, as it may require you to cover different topics and cater to diverse content types. But it becomes easier when you don’t have to spend hours trying to create something from scratch. All you have to do is use the existing resources to come up with new and insightful content.

This is the reason why around 25% of marketers prefer curating content to attract a relevant audience.


Final Words

There you have it: seven strategies to diversify your content and attract new audiences. If you’ve been looking for ways to get more eyeballs and engage new audience profiles, you may have to consider different preferences and embrace content diversity.

If you’ve been looking for ways to create diverse and appealing content, the recommendations in this article may come in handy.

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