Top Reasons Why Your Online Business Should Invest in Video Marketing

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Top Reasons Why Your Online Business Should Invest in Video Marketing

One year ago, you launched an e-commerce website with a store, numerous product pages, and even started a blog. The number of site sessions increased as time passed, you gained followers on social media, and your customers were pleased with their purchases. Nevertheless, you have flat sales. Indeed, you are happy with sales, but in order to stay ahead in the game, you need to grow your sales figures. A major marketing initiative takes time and money that you don’t have. 

As content marketing evolves, we can’t deny that we are witnessing a change. Storytelling has revolutionized how brands deliver their messages to their audiences on social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook. Here video marketing can be one of the quickest, easiest, and least expensive ways to improve your online business.

When content marketing strategies used in long texts are no longer relevant, businesses are turning to fun, ephemeral content. Promoting your brand and connecting with your target audience through video marketing is getting popular. 

Video marketing has become increasingly important as a content marketing method. According to Demand Metric, over 83% of marketers believe video marketing is giving them fruitful results. Indeed, video marketing has become mainstream, and all research suggests that it is the future of content marketing. Now before jumping to the reasons, let’s uncover some interesting facts about video marketing. 

What is Video Marketing

Source: HubSpot Blog

Video marketing means any video used to promote their products and services across any channel. You should use video marketing for several reasons – using video can be hugely effective for your business – over half of consumers want to see brand videos more than any other kind.

Incorporating videos as a part of your marketing strategy is ultimately about converting browsing consumers into leads and customers and subsequently convincing them to become repeat buyers. Taking advantage of video marketing online has become second nature to companies like Nike and NBC since the birth of YouTube in 2005. 82% of internet traffic will be video consumption by 2021. 

We all know the well-known proverb, “a beautiful picture is worth a thousand words.” 

Indeed, it’s true. The average user spends up to 88% more time on websites with videos than it does on websites without videos. It clearly reflects that you need to jump on the video marketing bandwagon if you want to future-proof your online business. 

Still, not convinced why use video marketing? Well, we can understand your confusion, but don’t worry. Here we will present many data and statistics that help you understand why video marketing produces better results. 

Staggering Video Marketing Statistics 

Source: Animated Video

Your overall marketing strategy probably needs video as a component. Due to the evolving video marketing landscape, we’re continually discovering new ways to engage with consumers and tailor video content to specific business objectives.

However, video represents one of your biggest opportunities in 2021. A video is a powerful tool that anyone can use, from an individual selling certain products to a small startup that’s just getting started to a huge corporation. 

Furthermore, suppose you are not using video. In that case, your competitors are likely doing so, so it’s time to revamp your marketing game, as video marketing is the most important factor that supercharges your sales funnel and boost ROI. Unconvinced? Video marketing will still be important in 2021 and beyond, according to the below statistics. 

  • More than 73% of customers believe that they are influenced by products that use video on their social media platforms
  • Online businesses with video marketing strategies are able to experience a hike of 127% in terms of page visits
  • Online business owners even accepted that incorporating videos on product page have boosted conversions
  • According to ThinkWithGoogle, more than 50% of online shoppers look for videos related to a product or service before making a purchase 
  • Facebook stands first and produces 8 billion video views every day 
  • 45% of marketers are even planning to invest more in video content in 2021. 

We hope that the above statistics have convinced you that video marketing is important and helps you gain new leads quickly. Along with lead generation, it will also increase customer retention rate but make sure you are posting relevant content that viewers find engaging. 

Remember how popular pizza brand Pizza Hut enticed customers? Essentially, the brand aims to persuade audiences to visualize and associate its brand with its product by incorporating music, jingles, and visuals. It is not surprising that after watching your favorite Pizza Hut video, we feel hungry and willing to make an order. 

If you are engaged with the same business, get inspired by Pizza Hut and include eye-catchy videos within your delivery platform because you can even influence lazy diners to order a meal by eye-catchy video content. 

5 Of The Most Critical Reasons Why You Should Invest In Video Marketing

Video marketing is an incredibly powerful medium. Videos are no doubt one of the newest tools in your promotion arsenal. Despite your doubts, you might be inclined to believe. How profitable is posting a video for your business? Is your marketing department having adequate resources to create an appealing video? 

The short answer is: Yes. Video marketing enables brands to reap exclusive benefits. Additionally, you should not perform video marketing just because everyone is doing it, instead of spare some time and resources to create video content that leaves your customers awestruck. You should invest in video marketing now for these five reasons.

Video Foster Trust

Conversions and sales are built on trust. Instinct trust among customers should be the prime motive of any brand. The whole concept of marketing is based on trust and establishing a long-term relationship with customers that ultimately build brand advocacy. You will stop selling and let them come to you by providing them with interesting and useful information.

And who can understand this concept better than Mark Schaefer

“In the new era of content marketing, you must focus on ignition rather than content, trust rather than traffic, and on the people in your audience who are spreading and advocate your content.”

We are likely to be engaged and moved by video content. YouTubers are becoming the most influential social media figures to promote your brand when we’re talking about elite people in your audience. 

Product promotion videos can foster trust also. Due to their fears of fraud and cheating, some consumers are still hesitant to purchase products and services over the internet. Video marketing offers a conversational presentation of your products, however. 

Establish a Strong Brand Presence

Source: Digital Vidya

Your chances of converting interested customers into paying customers are better the more places they can find out about you. Your brand needs to be identified and established; then, you have to spread the word. 

Some of you may say, “I already have a fancy website, a blog, and a social media presence.”. You’ve already started spreading the word, but keeping the message alive is crucial to getting noticed and being chosen over your competition. 

Youtube is the first biggest video search engine. Popular social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, are dominated by video content. Marketing your products with video is an excellent way to engage your audience and expand your reach.

Improve Search Engine Rankings

You can easily get your online store on the first page of Google by uploading videos that target common search terms to YouTube. In many cases, YouTube videos can be found at the top of the page because Google prioritizes video results as compared to the web. 

Let’s understand it with a relevant example. When you search “how to make pizza,” Google shows five videos below the snippet, including the “People also ask” section above the regular results. Yes, this is the power of video content. These results show different pizza-making videos from chefs; anyone who clicks on this link will redirect to YouTube. 

Video pages are definitely more likely to get shared by customers, and more social shares may be beneficial to your rankings. Video content will help boost your rankings in search engines and, as a result, boost organic traffic. 

You will also be able to position your videos on YouTube when users search for what you are interested in. A report published in 2017 by Moz and Jumpshot found that YouTube had the third-highest search market share in 2017, behind only and Google Images.

Boost Conversions 

Increased customer conversion is one of the benefits of video marketing. Videos that promote products or services involve a call-to-action (CTA) to encourage viewers to act. CTAs are marketing messages that use powerful language to tell the audience what they should do following watching a video.

CTAs may involve direct messages like ‘visit this page’ or ‘download this app’. Simply put, CTAs invite your audience to shake hands with your online business. Gaining customers and increasing sales can be accomplished through a successful marketing video. Your business performance will improve as a result of this marketing strategy.

Showcase Your Products Effectively

When you have the ability to showcase your products in 3-D, where customers can see how to use them, why show them in a flat picture? A video is useful for changing the way customers interact with a product, especially for online businesses. 

If you want to highlight the colors and application of a lipstick product, why take a photo of it? Well, here’s the example. The marketing team of 2nd Love created this video to promote the lipstick launch.

This video link shows different shades and colors of lipsticks; it will influence customers to purchase it rather than text-based content. Moreover, you need to have a little bit of knowledge of visual marketing trends to create killer video content because you will only have a single chance to capture the user’s attention. 

Videos Triumph Over Long Content As Well 

Video content is a bubble that will not burst soon. Moreover, analysts suggest that video is a thriving market for tech-savvy brands looking to promote products to a younger demographic. 

Three of the main selling points of video marketing are increased conversion rates, expanded reach, and personalization. You can engage your audience and capitalize on this growing medium by incorporating video into your content marketing strategy.

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