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3 Key Ingredients for Marketers to Provide Content that Sales Reps Love

Content marketing is no longer a new fad. It is a proven model to increase your brand’s visibility, develop thought leadership, and generate leads. In fact, 65% of brands who report being successful with content marketing have gone through the time and effort of documenting their content marketing strategy. (Source CMI)

But, according to CSO Insights, only 32% of companies have a documented strategy to provide content for their salespeople. Why is this number so low? Because many organizations don’t understand why sales reps need content and what types of content to provide them to help them win more deals.

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How content marketers will bridge the divide between top and bottom of the funnel content


There is a substantial divide between top and bottom funnel content. While marketers can efficiently advertise bottom funnel content via PPC, display, and other online advertising mechanisms, these forms of advertising hold no reward for top of the funnel content such as blog posts, podcasts, and videos. In a recent podcast, Relevance Co-Founder and VP […]

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3 ways your brand’s online community can lift engagement

3 Ways Your Brand’s Online Community Can Lift Engagement

Achieving high engagement levels — and lifting them even higher — is one of the biggest challenges to operating a successful online community. How to keep community members active and engaged received a lot of attention in a podcast recording with Chris Hemedinger and Shelley Sessoms of SAS. Shelley and two other Community Managers report […]

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