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Social Employee Advocacy: How To Use Content Curation To Get Better Results

To succeed in Content Marketing it’s essential to create quality content that provides answers to the questions your target audience have. The more accurate answer you’ll be able to contribute, the bigger impact you’ll have. It’s a no-brainer.

Once your content is published, it’s very important to promote it. Why invest so much time and effort creating your content if no one sees it? Several techniques exist to share your content:
– Share your posts (and reshare multiple times) on your social media channels over the next few weeks
– Distribute content via email
– Put in place an influencer marketing strategy
– Share your content in online communities and niche social bookmarking sites
– Get your co-workers to share your content on social media.
Let’s focus on the last point: get your co-workers to share your content can make a huge difference.

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Why including data-driven research in your content ideation process is essential

When we mention content marketing, we talk about the technique that consists in creating and distributing high-quality content to acquire and engage with a targeted audience, so they can finally purchase goods or services from your company. Content quality is, therefore, a crucial element in your content marketing strategy: you have to provide a relevant […]

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Market intelligence: how to leverage information to beat competition

If you want to make relevant decisions, you need to listen. That’s what market intelligence is all about. Information and data (industry-related trends, competition, online reputation…) are very important assets for any company. If you check out the graph below, you’ll see that the amount of data created worldwide hasn’t stopped growing, and this growth will […]

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Improve the way you measure your content’s impact with the new analytics feature

Measuring the impact of your actions is key in content marketing. We always advise here to design a strategy first so you can generate significant results. To do so, it’s important to define precise objectives and identify a few KPIs that you should keep track of. We revamped the analytics feature in Content Director, […]

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Content intelligence insights: the hottest content marketing trends for 2018

Content marketing has been one of digital marketing’s hottest topics for years. Here is the proof – you can see by yourself that, according to Google Trends, the interest in the term “content marketing” hasn’t stopped growing: It’s early 2018 and we decided to analyze 19 000 articles on the topic of content marketing, published […]

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Content curation: the complete guide to leverage third-party content

Curated content. The term has been used to cover many different things. Most marketers are familiar with the practice of sharing other people’s content on social networks, what we’ll refer to as social curated content. Curated content actually covers much more than just social sharing, and can help your content marketing results in ways you don’t imagine.

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[Success story] The Photo Academy: How content marketing can inspire, educate, and speed up the decision-making process

A few weeks ago, we caught up with, one of our clients who implemented Content Director last summer. That was the perfect opportunity to have a complete feedback on their use of our content marketing automation software and share that with you. Let’s discover this together! Who is The Photo Academy? Why do […]

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