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Learning to Learn: The Path to Real-World Knowledge

It may be hard to get into learning again after being out of any type of educational establishment for some time. It’s either because education loses its luster once we’re not being rewarded with letters and pieces of paper, or because we’re so used to being passively taught. We didn’t have to read the whole history (or economics or Philosophy of Man’s Infatuation With Bacon) book. We got an abridged version in class (okay not the bacon one) between daydreams and texting under the desk.

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6 Things You Didn’t Know You Could do with Part III

The platform has been a perpetual work in progress for over two years. During that period, we’ve had lots of exciting accomplishments and releases, and it’s no secret that some features have remained hidden in the shadows.

As a part of the team working on building as the ultimate knowledge sharing hub, I like to think I know a thing or two about the product – and what fun is knowing things if you don’t get to share them?

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6 things you didn’t know you could do with Part II

The platform has been a perpetual work in progress two years now. During that period, we’ve had lots of exciting accomplishments and releases, and it’s no secret that some features have remained hidden in the shadows.

As a part of the team working on building as the ultimate knowledge sharing hub, I like to think I know a thing or two about the product – and what fun is knowing things if you don’t get to share them? (hint: you can tweet your new knowledge too!)

Today, I bring you part two of this series. With the platform, you can….

Optimize your sources for the best suggestions!

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6 things you didn’t know you could do with Part I

The platform has been a perpetual work in progress for the better part of two years. During that period, we’ve had lots of exciting accomplishments and releases, and it’s no secret that some features have remained hidden in the shadows.

As a part of the team working on building as the ultimate knowledge sharing hub, I like to think I know a thing or two about the product – and what fun is knowing things if you don’t get to share them?

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Learning to learn: fighting cognitive biases

In a world with more information than ever, figuring out how to use the brain to its fullest potential, as well as filling it with as much knowledge as possible, is the main focus of a vast amount of people in this world.

I’ve made it clear on many occasions that I believe in the importance of being a perpetual learner. One of the key activities associated with learning is exploring and understanding the way the human brain functions, and using the results of this to properly hack the critical thinking process. For example, did you know that something called a cognitive bias exists? This term refers to the tendency to think in certain ways.

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Becoming a world champion blogger by leveraging your existing characteristics and resources

Editor’s Note: At, we believe content curation is just as powerful as original content generation. But, what many people miss is that when they curate, often they are creating original content on top of the existing article or other media through the addition of context, opinion, or curator’s insight. So, with that in mind, check out the following Guest Article from an expert blogger on creating strong blog content!

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Learning to learn: losing yourself in passion

Have you ever noticed that, when we’re younger, school and learning seem like a chore, and yet when we’re older, we wish we could just spend all of our time consuming information and advancing our knowledge?

Perhaps this is because our minds have matured with age, or simply because we always want to do things once we don’t have to. Or, maybe it’s because once we’ve been through certain experiences, we’re more capable of identifying our true passions.

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Learning how to write effective sentences for the web

Communication between people is 55% body language, 38% tone of voice, and only 7% the words you actually say. Quickly consider the impact of stripping away 93% of the meaning someone understands from an idea you are trying to communicate — something we do every single day when we create or interact online. The efficacy of that remaining 7% becomes incredibly important, especially if you have business or personal brand investments on the line.

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Learning to Learn: leveraging your circadian rhythm

There are a few distinct, precious moments of heightened sensory elation that we can achieve through unique actions; whether that be hitting the sweet spot on your driver from the tee box, tossing that crumpled up piece of paper that started out as a great idea and delivering it perfectly into the waste basket 10 feet away, or something as simple as arriving at the perfect adjective when telling a story to a friend.

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Learning to learn: 5 ways to optimize your to-do list

The age old to-do list — a common tool to help get $#&T done. In my years of to-do listing, I’ve discovered that it is often this common productivity trick that actually prevents me from being optimally productive. Yes, counter-intuitive, but true. This oft bottleneck-in-disguise make me feel like I am a super hero, that in fact, yes I can finish 2908329874 tasks in the next three hours while simultaneously cooking for a dinner party and writing my novel.

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Mini infographics to share!

Myself and the team have begun creating miniature infographics (affectionately called “micrographs” at the office) based on user data we’ve discovered over the past few months. These are absolutely free for you to save, enrich with your own thoughts, and share with the entire world.

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An easy recipe to share your newsletter with Twitter and Facebook

I’ve been listening to all the feedback from our awesome community about our newest service offering, the MailChimp Newsletter integration feature, and have been hearing that many people would like the option of sharing the newsletter with their social audiences. This would require hosting the completed newsletter somewhere online with a public link to share. Unfortunately, this functionality doesn’t exist within yet (not to say it won’t shortly), but I’ve concocted a little work-around for everyone who wants to share their newsletter this way. It requires an extra tool, but its all free and pretty easy to do, and the end result is great.

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Twitter as a tool for learning

Social media often gets a bad rap for being a driving force behind people falling out of touch, neglecting in-person relationships, and reducing productivity for people around the world. Naysayers blame it for shorter attention spans and proliferation of bad grammar, and the most vehement of those naysayers believe that social media has led to privacy being a thing of the past. To be fair, there have been many times where I’ve been trolling my Twitter feed only to be thoroughly horrified by TMI moments and tHingz Speld lIKE THIZ.

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How Elynn Fish Jumpstarted her Consulting Business with Curation

Elynn Fish started her career in the corporate business world. Before the dominance of social media, she was part of a think tank building internal digital communications platforms. Fish was a pioneer in the social movement, helping companies increase their performance and ROI via content marketing and optimization of both internal and external digital communications.

Not even two years ago, Elynn realized that she had the knowledge and experience to start her own firm helping small businesses with their digital communications. With that, she started the Fish Firm, a consulting company that helps said businesses with strategic elements including content management, ROI measurement and analysis, and sales.

Elynn came across and content curation while following and experimenting with the latest trends in social media. Always on the brink of new digital strategies, Elynn was one of the first Beta testers of, using it with her very first clients.

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Becoming a Thought Leader: A Digital Marketing Firm's Path to Success

Ayantek, a full-service digital marketing firm offering innovative web, mobile, search, and social media solutions to some of New England’s largest companies, has a vision that probably sounds pretty familiar to most marketing agencies. According to Marketing Programs Manager Barry Clifford, Ayantek’s main business goal is “to validate [their] belief that by providing excellent value and customer service to clients, a small business can grow into a viable, sustainable enterprise, and can supply a quality lifestyle to its employees without compromising on its core values.”

Ayantek’s global consultants are industry experts with decades of experience conceiving, designing, building, and managing interactive programs that drive measurable improvements and deliver competitive advantages for their clients. They help their customers achieve market leadership through a combination of strategic thought leadership, exceptional user experiences, and industry-leading proprietary and open-source technologies.

Seeing their success in these areas, Ayantek continuously wants to expand their client base and spread their services across multiple Fortune 500 companies in the technology, healthcare, manufacturing, and financial sectors.

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How Glenn Street Embraces His Niche and Keeps it Entertaining for Everyone

Glenn Street isn’t your average guy. His claim to fame is being the very first mascot in  the National Hockey League, as well as one of the first mascots in professional sports.  After his debut, Glenn began receiving calls from the opposing teams asking where  they could get one of those costumes! He and his small team startedsimply sewing and  building the costumes for the random customers who were calling.

After a while, the calls started flooding in, and it became too much. That’s when Street Characters was founded. Today, Street Characters is best known for creating sports characters (mascots). Their clients over the years have included about half of the teams in the National Hockey League, National Football League, and Major League Baseball.

This might not sound like a company who needs much social media or content marketing, but we all know that a company like that hardly exists anymore these days.

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Learning by Doing: How Lauren Moss has Learned to Leverage Curation to Amplify her Online Presence

Lauren Moss curates topics that tend to be a reflection of her interests and areas of research/study. As an architect and LEED AP with experience in green building and urbanism, ‘Sustainable Architecture’ and ‘Green Streets’ are topics that relate directly to her professional and personal interests, and they both highlight case studies, current events, and related news articles.

An interest in design, particularly information design and visualization, stems from her experience with the technical process of architecture and how drawings convey data in an effective and meaningful manner. That said, she finds it intriguing to explore how these concepts extend beyond the architectural realm into other areas, including education and communication, and so the topics ‘Visual Data’ and ‘Green Infographics’ reflect those interests.

“When executed thoughtfully and with intention, content curation will help to establish oneself as aknowledgeable resource who adds value to a topic or community, which will extend one’s reach beyond asingle website or platform, and for the best reasons- because others want to read what you share and will, as a result, share your finds and expertise with their own communities.”

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How Ms. Ileane Spreads Interesting Ideas to Strengthen and Embrace Her Community

This week, we put Ileane Smith in the Spotlight. Ileane has found many ways to benefit from curation and find success on If you missed her story, here’s a recap:

“I’m always reaching out to the community, doing some searches, looking at people who scoop my stuff and discovering their topics. That has led me to educational topics, led me to discover new users, and more. I like sharing things from other people. The power of for me is having all the different ways that I can share that content and keep track of it and put it out there for other people.”

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Live Now: The Spotlight

In this series, we spotlight standout curators. Those whose passion ignite others’ interests. Find out here about who has inspired us. Learn their secrets to sharing ideas that matter to a community hungry for great content. Hear their story. Get inspired.

Check out the Spotlight today to begin learning about the stories of these great people.


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How Boutiika has used to Enrich its Product through Content and Increase Engagement

Boutiika is a location-based tool for the boutiques of New York and San Francisco, providing its customers with the most stylish products and where to find them. Boutiika is primarily a search engine for young female shoppers, but the team wanted to add to this. Looking for a way to post more detailed information on products and boutiques, as well as to increase engagement within their community, Boutiika turned to, which allows them to provide news and information on the boutiques featured on their site while still maintaining the focus on their own product – On, Boutiika’s team also found many ways to integrate this great new content with their website, making it somewhat of their own content management tool. Here is a look further into Boutiika’s strategy:

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How EcoVadis is educating Supply Chain Managers on Sustainable Procurement & Green Purchasing

Pierre-François Thaler, Managing Director at EcoVadis, an innovative platform allowing big companies to rate their suppliers on social and environmental performance, wanted to educate his audience about Sustainable Procurement & Green Purchasing and create top of mind awareness regarding EcoVadis. He was persuaded that evangelization was the key to do this. To take the place as a reference in this niche sector, Pierre-François decided to provide high-value content to his audience. He started to publish high-quality resources like analysis, research projects that appeared quickly very time-consuming to produce. As he needed to bring a constant attention on his sphere to evangelize, Pierre-François found the solution with content curation thanks to Business.

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Lord of Curation Series: DiMitri Deloste

My name is Dimitri. I was born in the South West of France, and still living here for 37 years now. I’m a Web ProjectManager in a software publisher company. I assume being a geek, and I’m the father of 2 lovely girls, 8 years and 8 months old. I’ve always wanted to enter an Art or Design School, but I stopped studying just after high school (with no diploma) in order to work. For 18 years now, I’ve tested almost each job in the computing field as a self-taught person : IT Technician, software developer, Project Manager …Since about 10 years, I’ve been going on the same way concerning Web jobs, being successively Web developer, Webdesigner and Webmaster… Now thinking about it, I guess I’m ready for consulting…

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Lord of Curation Series: Ninja Nordbo

Ninja Nordbo graduated with a masters in Fine Art from the Glasgow School of Art in 2007. Since then she hasreturned back to her roots and to Norway, where she is currently working and living with her husband and 2 dogs. Her spare time is spent curating and blogging.

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Lord of Curation Series: Willy de Backer

Willy De Backer is a European (Belgian) journalist, sustainability opinion-leader and professionalconferencemoderator with more than 25 years experiences in European Union politics. After having worked in politics (European Parliament) for 10 years, he co-founded Internet news portal in 1999 and served for 8 years as chief editor expanding the service from a start-up to a successful online media company. From 1 June 2007, Willy went freelance focussing his research and writing on issues related to climate change, energy security, green economy and sustainability in general. He was one of the first professional journalists who started using social media (Blogs, Twitter, Facebook, and other) to share his opinions on how to rethink our economic, social and political values and institutions in an age of “peak everything”.

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How IS Decisions is winning the hearts & minds of IT Pros, curating content that catches their attention

Back 6 months ago, François Amigorena, CEO of Software Publisher IS Decisions was wondering how to make its business more visible on the Web. He had great products with a proven track record (3,000 customers in 100+ countries) but he also knew that winning purchasing decisions of IT Professionals is a tough job.
How could he get top of mind awareness from IT Pro’s?
He was convinced that a good content strategy was the solution. By become the source for stories they care about, he could win them, be recognized and remembered. Yet, he couldn’t spend too much time and resources doing so. Luckily, he discovered and started several online magazines using the Business version some months ago.
Here is the success story : provides us with a new and unique way to reach out to our target customers. Publishing value-added content in an attractive layout is a great way to keep them connected with our brand and to generate leads.

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Lord of Curation Series: Tony Rath

Tony Rath is a professional photographer based along the shore of the Caribbean Seain the picturesque town of Dangriga, Belize.

He is a trained marine biologist and has worked as a diver and underwater photographer for the Smithsonian Institution; diving on oil rigs off California; and captaining a sailboat across the Atlantic Ocean and through the Mediterranean and North Seas. Tony first visited Belize in 1979, and moved there permanently in 1988. Since then he has explored and photographed most of Belize by land, sea and air. He has also photographed the neighboring countries of Honduras, Guatemala and Mexico.

He founded, along with his wife Therese, Naturalight Productions, Belize’s premiere Internet marketing company. He now leads the special projects division of the company. The company created and manages numerous award winning websites.

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Lord of Curation Series: Karen du Toit

Karen du Toit is an Information Specialist, who has worked as librarian and archivist.

At the moment  she is an archivist at the South African Broadcasting Corporation in South Africa where she works at the SABC Radio Archives. We catalogue radio and audio material for preservation, historical and rebroadcasting purposes. She has a keen interest in social media to connect, share and broaden her own knowledge base, in which curation plays a big role.

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