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5 content marketing mistakes that scream amateur

Everyone starts somewhere. I want you to be super successful. There are so many pitfalls in content marketing, but if you follow the advice below, you’ll enjoy a smoother start than I did! 1. Starting from scratch in a crowded space. Warren Buffet offers some amazing investment advice, and it applies to a lot more […]

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Learn to leverage clever headlines involving power brands to generate buzzworthy content

A healthy blog is the cornerstone of a successful content marketing campaign. Each article needs to speak to your target audience with a consistent brand voice. The articles you choose to publish must solve a problem for your reader. They should reduce pain and aggravation, positioning your products as the ultimate solution to their immediate […]

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Leveraging customer reviews as the new social proof

Customer reviews are hard to ignore. Reviews do not only help you gain real, honest feedback about your product or service, they also strengthen your online reputation and increase your brand engagement. If you are overlooking the value of customer reviews for your overall content marketing strategy, you might be missing out on a huge opportunity […]

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How to measure content marketing success in 2017

How are people finding your content, and what are they doing once they’re on your pages? What are your most effective audience acquisition channels, and which of these are driving the most significant business performance? Whereas marketing professionals in the trenches were once exempt from such strategic modeling, today we’re under so much pressure to […]

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Why tags matter in your content marketing efforts

If you’re like many businesses, content is an important part of your marketing efforts. Whether you’re uploading blog posts to your own company website or sharing your latest infographic with your social media followers, you likely put considerable thought into each effort. If you use a CMS like WordPress, you’ve likely been prompted to assign […]

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6 tips for managing your business’s content more efficiently as a team

6 tips for managing your business's content more efficiently as a team

Content is an important part of getting the word out about the great work your business is doing. Whether you run an online retail store with a national reach or a local service-based firm, the right content marketing strategy can make all the difference. However, a business owner can’t do everything alone and as a […]

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