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How to get more return on investment from content

Lead generation hacks: 5 strategies that will grow your leads by 3X


Lead generation is not a child’s play. In fact, it’s really tough. According to the MarketingSherpa report, a lot of digital marketers still rely on traditional ways of lead generation—going through a list of people or organization and sending them cold emails. However, most often than not, these accustomed methods are not properly utilized. There […]

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7 things to do when a blog post goes viral


Perhaps you’ve dreamed of that day when all your hard work finally pays off in the form of a viral blog post that gets shared hundreds of thousands of times on social media and causes your total website traffic to spike. But do you know how to respond if it actually happens? Got viral content? […]

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8 blog posts any business can (and should) write


If you run a business, you’ve probably been told you should start a blog (or maybe you already run one). There are good reasons to blog: It allows you to connect with and better understand your customers, increase acquisitions, boost SEO, and drive content marketing efforts. Of course, it’s not enough to throw together a […]

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Here’s how these 9 successful marketers generate leads through content


Content marketing is a must and everyone knows it. But the goal shouldn’t be to do content for content’s sake. Content marketing is a long-term technique that actually delivers results – given you have a documented strategy. And yes, it works for leads too! To the point where lead generation has become the most important goal for […]

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Which product is best for you?

which-scoop-it-version-is-best-for-you-scoop-it-final has evolved a lot since its launch. At first, it was a simple content curation tool. Today we have 3 different products! Let’s have a deeper look at them, what makes them different from each other, their users and their purposes.! the free content curation platform Our most famous platform, the content […]

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10 content writing tools that will increase sales in your online business


In our modern world, online businesses flourish like never before. Nowadays, a successful online-business may be conceived from the comfort of your home using only your mind, a PC, and an Internet connection. There are unlimited possibilities regarding online business. Most businesses are founded on sales. Therefore, the chase for profits and revenues is extreme. […]

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5 proven benefits of editorial calendars


Ever heard of “random acts of content”? It’s an activity many content marketers fall prey to when they don’t have a coherent content strategy – or they have a content strategy, but they don’t follow it in a disciplined way. Basically, “random acts of content” is when you just publish whatever occurs to you, without […]

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How are copywriting and content marketing different?


How do you distinguish between copywriting and content marketing? In your personal circles, you might use the terms interchangeably—in fact, many offices and professionals do. But in reality, they’re very different concepts—and if you want to make the most of either one, you need to know why it’s distinct from the other. Copywriting Copywriting is […]

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9 ways to smash your creative blocks


If you create for a living—whether you write, design, craft or develop–you know how difficult it is to continually produce new, groundbreaking work. But harder still are the moments when you come up empty-handed. Indifferent to the depths of your brilliance and the charm of your artsy Warby Parker glasses, reality will hit you with […]

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Are you making these 4 reader persona mistakes?


In an effort to humanize your audience and give your content a specific voice, you’ve probably taken the time to develop your very own reader personas. But have you done it the right way? There are lots of myths and misconceptions on this topic. If you want to create crisp reader personas that actually allow […]

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The 9 features of a perfect content writing environment


If you want to be a successful content marketer, you need to have the time, energy, and motivation to produce large volumes of high-quality work. Even the most naturally motivated writers may find themselves unable to move forward if they aren’t in an environment conducive to that production. Ideally, you’ll be able to find, in […]

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How to use blogging as a powerful promotional tool for small businesses


Blogging is a trendy activity in today’s marketplace. Most businesses, companies, and influencers are developing and growing their professional blogs with one purpose: business growth. A blog will often improve the expansion of brands in the marketplace. The more popular a blog becomes the better awareness will the business receive. Most businesses are developing their […]

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Interactive content: how to make it work for you


Every content marketer wants more results from their content. More engagement. More traffic. More leads. More shares. You name it. Most of us choose one overarching strategy to pursue those KPIs: We create more content. Every single year, we create more and more content. The “more is better” strategy can work – to an extent. […]

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What is sales enablement?


Marketing and sales teams are working closer than ever, there’s no need to state the obvious. In most cases, marketing teams’ #1 goal is to generate leads and provide relevant information to help sales teams be informed and prepared. This is how the term “sales enablement” was born. In a nutshell, sales enablement means improving […]

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5 tips for creating high-converting video reviews


It’s no surprise that video content is performing exceptionally well these days, but one of the major challenges – from a marketing perspective – is knowing which types of video to use. While there are many different formats, video reviews consistently deliver high returns. Video reviews consistently deliver high returns. @Number1AnnaJo Click To Tweet Understanding […]

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5 ways the “Research Content” feature can improve your content marketing


You can do content marketing without software. But as our CEO, Guillaume Decugis says, it’s kind of like “bringing a knife to a gun fight.” And no, spreadsheets aren’t software. Compared to what your competitors are using, spreadsheets might as well be stone tablets at this point. Also, don’t tell me you have to use […]

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How to get more traffic to your blog with influencer outreach


Maintaining a company blog is no small investment. Content marketing expert Jay Baer once estimated that the average company blog post costs $900 to produce – and that didn’t even include promotion costs. With expenses like that, you need to be generating significant results. Ultimately, of course, you want revenue from your posts. That means […]

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4 tips to help you simplify your content strategy


Are you overwhelmed by everything that you’re supposed to do in the area of content marketing? You’re probably getting advice from a bunch of different directions – much of it time-consuming and/or conflicting. What are you supposed to do? The state of content marketing If you aren’t careful, content marketing can become a buzzword within […]

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5 ways to make the most of the freelance content marketer lifestyle


Many content marketers are tied to an agency or are simply in-house. But a huge number of us are also freelancers. It’s an exciting lifestyle, with severe peaks and valleys: unsteady but good pay, flexibility, and the respect accorded to a contractor over an employee. Despite all the possibilities, I feel that many freelancers aren’t […]

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Outsourcing your content: the Dos and Don’ts


It’s a phenomenon. Over 60% of businesses are now outsourcing their content to freelancers and agencies. This is probably a good move: content creation requires a particular set of skills, and it’s often best to leave to those with expertise. At the same time, knowing how to outsource your content needs effectively remains an inexact science. […]

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