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4 Ways Sales Teams Can Leverage Personalized Content to Increase Conversions

Keeping up with the latest customer expectations is the key to attracting more prospects, increasing sales, and improving customer lifetime value. Using personalized content is one of the best ways to deliver relevant and outstanding sales experience at scale so you can drive conversion at every stage of the customer journey cost-effectively: 51% of buyers […]

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How to Build a World Class Remote Content Team

Content marketing is a powerful tool for any business, yet some shy away from it because they simply don’t know how to do it.

The truth is building a remote content team has never been easier thanks to the emergence of the gig economy and the ascendancy of technology that makes remote communication and collaboration more reliable than ever before. While having an in-house content team may be preferable for some firms, the reality is that remote teams are just as effective and much less costly.

In addition, by building a remote content team, you can draw from a global talent pool to find the perfect voice for your company’s brand and messaging.

Ready to get started? Here’s everything you need to know to build a world class remote content team:

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Content Marketing Analytics: Leveraging Data to Inform and Optimize Your Content Strategy

  Top marketers leverage both their creative writing skills and their data analytics to inform every step of their content strategy. By crafting a great story and also analyzing data around open rates, click-through-rates, and behavior analytics, they can create campaigns that convert. By constantly reviewing data, content marketers can uncover deep insights into consumer […]

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3 Ways You Can Leverage Content Marketing in Your Sales Automation

If you’ve spent any time reading digital marketing blogs in the past few years, you have probably heard the buzzwords “content marketing” and “sales automation” mentioned.

What you may not have heard was how to combine the two sales and marketing approaches to really hit a home run with your prospects and customers.

Before we discuss combining content marketing and sales automation, let us look a little closer at these two digital marketing approaches.

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