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How Successful Content Writers Fight Distraction and Find Success

Is there anything better than being a freelance content writer? You get the opportunity to express your thoughts, ideas, and opinions on a variety of topics, all while enjoying the flexibility to work remotely and carve out your own hours. It’s a rewarding career path with plenty of growth potential and exciting opportunities. But if there’s one thing that will prevent you from being successful, it’s distractions.

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How to Fight Off Negative SEO with Quality Content (and More)

For better or worse, content marketing and SEO are inextricably linked. If you’re going to operate in content marketing, you have to grasp its relationship to SEO and how the former affects the latter (and vice versa).

Although your primary focus should stay on building your brand through thoughtful content strategies that satisfy search engines and engage the ideal human audience, you’ll find a darker underbelly to the industry. If your brand becomes sufficiently successful, you may experience the ill-effects firsthand.

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Here’s How Successful Writers Get the Creative Juices Flowing

When people think about art, their minds tend to circle around things like painting, drawing, sculpting, or photography. But writing is just as much a creative art form. And as a content writer, you have to make sure your creative juices are constantly flowing.

Is Creativity Really That Elusive?
As a content writer, your livelihood depends on your ability to capture creativity and turn it into well-crafted sentences that satisfy your clients and motivate your readers to action. And with all of the pressure to constantly produce content, creativity can seem rather elusive at times. But is this just a figment of our imaginations?

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Brand Activism and the Role of Content

As the business world evolves, so does the need for brands to adapt their customer-facing strategies. If you’ve paid attention to what other companies have been doing over the last few years, then you’ve probably noticed the increase in brand activism.

If your brand isn’t already participating in some form of activism, now’s the time to jump on board. And the only way to ensure success is through proper alignment with your content strategy.

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Each of your employees should be a writer: here’s why

Once a company grows beyond its initial team, it almost always hires a dedicated writer to handle various responsibilities. For example, technical writers specialize in writing manuals and other technical documents to be read and understood by non-experts, while copywriters focus on producing taglines and advertising material, and content writers produce blog posts and other marketing collateral. […]

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Is print the missing piece to your 2018 content marketing strategy?

When someone mentions the term content marketing, you immediately think about blog posts and infographics, but what about good old-fashioned print media? Could it be that print is actually the missing piece to your 2018 content strategy? The answer might surprise you. 4 reasons print still has value The internet has permanently altered marketing. And […]

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5 tips for substantially improving blog engagement

Every business values their company blog for different reasons, but in order to accomplish any worthy goal, you need to ensure your blog has a high level of engagement with readers. Having said that, are you doing everything possible to increase blog engagement with your readership? Increase blog engagement in 5 easy steps Blog engagement […]

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7 things to do when a blog post goes viral

Perhaps you’ve dreamed of that day when all your hard work finally pays off in the form of a viral blog post that gets shared hundreds of thousands of times on social media and causes your total website traffic to spike. But do you know how to respond if it actually happens? Got viral content? […]

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Are you making these 4 reader persona mistakes?

In an effort to humanize your audience and give your content a specific voice, you’ve probably taken the time to develop your very own reader personas. But have you done it the right way? There are lots of myths and misconceptions on this topic. If you want to create crisp reader personas that actually allow […]

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5 tips for creating high-converting video reviews

It’s no surprise that video content is performing exceptionally well these days, but one of the major challenges – from a marketing perspective – is knowing which types of video to use. While there are many different formats, video reviews consistently deliver high returns. Video reviews consistently deliver high returns. @Number1AnnaJo Click To Tweet Understanding […]

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4 tips to help you simplify your content strategy

Are you overwhelmed by everything that you’re supposed to do in the area of content marketing? You’re probably getting advice from a bunch of different directions – much of it time-consuming and/or conflicting. What are you supposed to do? The state of content marketing If you aren’t careful, content marketing can become a buzzword within […]

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5 tips for discovering creativity and unleashing your full writing potential

Writing – even business content writing – is very much a creative pursuit. When that sense of creativity dissolves or lapses, the content suffers. If you feel like you’re stuck with no visible escape, then it’s time that you reevaluate where things stand and find a way to recapture the creativity that’s gone missing. Going […]

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How to unify a dispersed team of content writers

Consistently developing high quality content can be expensive if you aren’t careful, which is why many businesses are turning to freelance writers as a cost-effective solution. But hiring independent contractors to handle your content needs doesn’t come without issues. Namely, you have to deal with a dispersed team of remote writers. This makes it challenging […]

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Make 2017 the year of user-generated content

The demands of content marketing can be brutal. As soon as you end one campaign, another one starts. The pressure of continually coming up with fresh ideas and then actually finding the time to write the content is too much for most to handle. Couple that with the demands of driving traffic back to the […]

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Here’s what successful bloggers are doing behind the scenes

So much blogging advice is centered on writing quality content, sharing on the right channels, and using the right visuals to complement your topics. But the reality is that these are just the things that show. Successful bloggers are the ones doing more than the competition behind the scenes. The sobering reality of modern blogging […]

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11 effective lead magnets you should use in 2017

If I just had some good leads, I know I could [insert action]. How many times have you thought some variation of this statement? Having a bunch of email subscribers, website members, or social media followers makes everything easier, but the trickiest part is actually collecting these leads. The key components of a successful lead […]

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