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The Rise Of The Digital Is Changing Just About Everything About Curation | David Weinberger

I re-scooped this from Giuseppe Mauriello as I felt the somehow inconclusive conclusion was very close to what I personally felt: yes, curation is changing and digital curation will not be the same as it used to be pre-digital. Bottom line is we need to be prepared to live with softer boundaries than before of what is good and what isn’t.

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What are the biggest issues to solve in content curation?

This is kind of old but I rediscovered it recently on Quora and I felt it was an interesting opportunity to review what’s been accomplished in 2011 in that respect.
Seb Paquet is an interesting contributor to Social Media and a professor at the University of Quebec in Montreal.
I think 2011 has been a great year for curation : lots of new developments, great improvements on existing platform and raising awareness. It’s interesting to look back at questions like these and measure the progress we’re making both as platform developers and as members of a community with a particular interest on that subject.

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Lord of Curation Series: Minter Dial

President and founder of The Myndset Company, Minter Dial is a Professional speaker, coach & consultant on Branding and Digital Marketing.  Prior to the Myndset, Minter led a 16-year international career with the L’Oréal Group.  He enjoyed 9 different assignments in France, England, USA and Canada, including being Managing Director Worldwide of Redken, heading the Canadian Professional Division and, in his last position, running eBusiness, Business Development and Education worldwide for L’Oreal’s Professional Products Division.  Minter received his BA in Trilingual Literature from Yale University (1987) and gained his MBA at INSEAD, Fontainebleu (1993).  He can be contacted at or followed on Twitter @mdial.

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Do we need an Information Diet?

This makes me want to read the book and know more.  Clay Johnson seems to make an interesting parallel between the way we consume information today and the way we sometimes overconsume food. Leading to…

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The Art of Curation Class at pariSoma: Teaching a Passion

Can you teach how to be authentic and engage online? I absolutely believe it especially when we talk about curation. We are all natural curators. We have all a passion, a message, a topic we love to focus on or to talk about with others.
This Monday, at pariSoma in San Francisco, it was “the art of curation” for me. I was introducing my series by presenting what a curator is to me, and exploring why curation is important for an individual or a brand in the digital age of information overload.

Read More Developper Challenge, a multimedia content curation publication platform, is launching a Developer Challenge open to all software developers to create iPhone, Android, and iPad applications.

Enter the challenge for a chance to win $1,000 (first place) or an HTC Desire S phone (second place)!

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Is Curation The Future of The Social Web?

Curation event
Last Monday was invited by pariSoma to partake in a panel discussing: “is curation the future of the Social Web?” With Burt Herman from Storify and Chris McCann from StartupDigest, Guillaume Decugis our CEO, discussed the new social behavior that curation represents online. The debate was moderated by Ben Parr, Mashable’s editor-at-large.
The first question from Ben Parr was legitimate. ”What’s the hell is curation?”

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The end of the so-called digital life

Scoop.It was proud to be a media partner at last Saturday’s TEdxSoMa, which is hosted twice a year by pariSoma. The topic of this edition was “Community 2.0”

As with most innovation, it can be used for good and bad: finding the right direction is  the responsibility of human beings, not of your laptop.

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TEDxSF on Maximum Visibility

This weekendʼs TEDxSF “Alive! Maximum Living as a Human” was everything you expect from a TEDx: inspiring, surprising, moving. was proud to be there at the Yerba Buena Center For The Arts as a media partner. I have to confess I was very proud to see and feel how useful our platform was to spread the word before the event, to capture the atmosphere during it and keep the conversation engaged after. The TEDxSF team was a great partner as they really wanted to explore and leverage as much as possible especially with our latest release “ everywhere”.

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Event Organizers, is for you

We love to discover and share new ways is being used by our great beta users. We’ve had a couple of major events using this week and we thought it was worth sharing. was used by the ReedMidem, the organizer of Connected Creativity at MIPTV, a new global forum uniting the world’s dominant market forces and leading innovators in entertainment, mobile media and technology at Cannes.

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SXSWi: Making sense of all the noise

Why does SXSW matter? Because it’s SXSW! It gets people excited, fills teams and startups full of hope and focus for a few weeks, or months, and they all then bring this energy to Austin. This naive “I will be the change maker of the year” will suddenly meet the more cynical old players, who feel at home at the festival, who know which streets you should take between two parties to meet the “right people” before hitting the “right places” to be identified as the “right projects”. You start in this endless chase, or at least I did at the beginning.

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Curation is a hot trend… and is part of it.

We’ve been in private beta since a little more than 2 months now, and we’re happy to have been covered by several blogs. It seems the “curation topic” is getting hotter and hotter, and we’re definitely part of it.

We want to thank all the bloggers who have written about us, and of course, all our first users for the huge amount of feedback they’ve sent us. We’ve already shared the video we had about us, but here is a longer list of blogposts:

Articles about in English

Articles about Curation where has been spotted

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The Bookmarklet button

There’s a button in Scoop it that you cannot miss: the Bookmarklet.

The principle is easy: while you are browning the web, if you stumble on a very interesting link (it can be a video, a song, an article, a picture, or whatever), you can share it directly on your Topic on scoop it!

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Interviews about during #Leweb conference

The team attended the leading tech european event last week, Leweb. As we’re in private beta, our objective was to get as much feedback as possible and meet key people from the tech industry. Goal 100% achieved, and even more as we got “as a bonus” a few interviews. Each time it’s Guillaume Decugis who speaks, the CEO of Goojet, the company behind

The first one for Capecalm, a Web-TV about startups, entrepreneurship and innovation.

And then, a few others with French medias:

France Télévisions thanks to Jacques Froissant

France Televisions again

The day before Leweb, we had the visit of Frenchweb for an interview

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New design and some other surprises!

Following your feedbacks, we’re glad to announce some new features on Beta.

  • New design: we want your topics to look great so we’ve improved their looks with a magazine/media-like design. Tell us whether you like them!
  • Background customization is now available! You can now choose a color or an image that represents your topic like no other one! Don’t hesitate to give us your feedback about it:!
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