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How to use analytics to understand and improve your email marketing [SPEED Email Series, Part 5]

how to use analytics to improve your email marketing achieving email speed part 5

The best email marketer is the data-driven email marketer. Actually, you could say the same thing about all forms of digital marketing. Email marketing affords you the ultimate opportunity to collect data and apply insights to perpetually improve your work. In fact, with email, you can trace actions to specific individuals. Powerful stuff. Remember, in our […]

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How to make your email marketing program beefier and the process leaner [SPEED Email, Part 4]

How to make your email marketing program beefier and the process leaner - SPEED Email, Part 4

It’s that time again. We began this email SPEED series by covering how to get started. Second, how to build a list. Third, effective lead nurturing strategies – including email newsletters. For the next installment, we’re going to focus on how to crank up your email program. Is it worth it? Will it devour my time and money? Where does […]

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9 types of email for effective lead nurturing – [SPEED email series, Part 3]

9 types of email for effective lead nurturing

We’re in a groove here on the blog—an email groove. In Getting Started with Email Marketing, you learned why email’s a must in your digital marketing mix, how to get started by selecting a service provider, and how to use readymade templates. The second installment in the series, How to Build a Valuable Email […]

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How to build a valuable email list by delivering value [SPEED email, Part 2]

achieving email SPEED - part 2 - How to build a valuable email list by delivering value

As an email marketer, you need to create an email list—and grow it. Does that mean your list needs to be large? No. But it should contain the addresses of people whose challenges are largely relevant to the solutions you provide. You see, above all, the email list you build has to be useful. Useful […]

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Getting started with email marketing – Achieving email SPEED

With all the shiny objects flying around the digital marketing space, email marketing tends to lose its luster. Consequently, small business marketers that choose to leave it out of their media mix lose sales opportunities. You don’t want that. If you’re new to email marketing, struggling to get traction with it, or failing to justify […]

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7 copywriting principles that will skyrocket conversion

7 copywriting principles that will skyrocket conversion

The marketing definition of conversion is “get the prospect to take action.”

How do you get someone to take the action you want? You need to make them comfortable.

Marketers are hard to trust, right? We brought it on ourselves because we were “full of it” for decades. Or, at least, we were full of ourselves.

So when a potential buyer arrives in your marketing den for the first time, they’re not exactly in a hurry to proceed to the bedroom. Or relax into a chair.

At best, they’re curious. Realistically, they’re anxious. And usually, they do just the opposite of what you want. They leave.

Why? Discomfort. It’s the almighty conversion killer—the meanest mutha’ in marketing.

So here’s what I propose: drop the transformation ambition and aim a wee-bit lower. Aim to overcome the causes of discomfort. You need to craft your content to put prospects in their comfort zone.

Who’s in charge of the comfort zone?

The copywriter is the chief conversion officer.

The copywriter’s output must seal the deal or at least write something compelling—and comforting—enough to start some sort of relationship.

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Content hubs: your secret to success in publishing (free eBook)

Content hubs are here - the secret to a long and prosperous life in publishing - ebook by scoopit and barry feldman

Content marketing sucks. What’s more, the coolest content marketers no longer have blogs. Wait. What? Has guest blogger Barry Feldman (please excuse the weird switch to the third-person voice) flown kamikaze into the blog to burn the place down? No. Friends, Romans, countrymen, lend me your eyes; I come to praise the power of […]

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