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4 major content distribution pitfalls to avoid in 2018

According to the Content Marketing Institute’s annual research on content marketing trends, 53% of marketers attribute the success of their content marketing campaign last year to their content distribution efforts. They had figured out their target audience, and what platforms work best for them, and that contributed to the successful 2017 they had. Undoubtedly, content […]

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Four components of an excellent inbound marketing strategy

Ever since HubSpot CEO Brian Halligan coined the term “inbound marketing,” it has been all the rage. And for good reason. Unlike its counterpart outbound marketing, inbound marketing does not shove products or services into people’s faces. Rather, with inbound marketing, you address customer problems, thereby creating awareness for your product or service and attracting customers to […]

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3 easily overlooked tips for producing effective webinars

According to the 2017 Content Marketing Benchmark report, 58% of marketers use webinars as a content marketing tactic. And this isn’t putting into consideration other studies that show webinars are effective, especially for business-to-business (B2B) marketers. Webinars are fairly popular  Jon Morrow describes how beneficial webinars have been for his business in these words: “On average, each webinar […]

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