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How content curation can help you to engage your audiences, Brand. it!

Whether or not you have a small target demographic or many different ones, works for you to be heard in your area of expertise, better reach your audience according to their interests thanks to relevant content, and feed an exceptionally branded, SEO-friendly online magazine and generate qualified leads back to your website.

With these ideas, you can learn how to harness the power of for your brand!

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Lord of Curation Series: Karen du Toit

Karen du Toit is an Information Specialist, who has worked as librarian and archivist.

At the moment  she is an archivist at the South African Broadcasting Corporation in South Africa where she works at the SABC Radio Archives. We catalogue radio and audio material for preservation, historical and rebroadcasting purposes. She has a keen interest in social media to connect, share and broaden her own knowledge base, in which curation plays a big role.

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Why curators should care about SOPA/PIPA

Today the Internet is going into a big battle to protect its historical model based on freedom, sharing and innovation. In protest against SOPA/PIPA, Wikipedia, Reddit and other sites will go dark for 24 hours. A lot has already been said already on this as you can see by searching SOPA on or by following some of the topics focused on this such as

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Lord of Curation Series: Seth Dixon

Seth Dixon is a professor at Rhode Island College within the Political Science Department and the Department of Educational Studies.  He also serves as the coordinator for the Rhode Island Geography Education Alliance.  Having earned geography degrees at Pennsylvania State University and Brigham Young University, he has researched the cultural and historical geographies of Mexico City and is currently exploring the educational possibilities of teaching geography through social media within the classroom and the networking potential for educators for gathering resources.  He can be followed and reached via Twitter @APHumanGeog.

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The End of The end of Publishing? Impressive Video (To Be Watched in Full)

Watch this amazing video, prepared by the UK branch of Dorling Kindersley Books and produced by Khaki Films (
Publishing is not dead. It is alive as never before. You just need to do one thing : open your eyes to the values of your customers and publish content meaningful to them.

Like curation, Publishing is about caring.

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Lord of Curation Series: Mariusz M. Leś

Mariusz M. Leś, Ph.D., born 1974. Lives in Poland. Works at the University ofBialystok. Polish Philology Institute assistant manager. Science fiction educator and researcher. Digital humanities enthusiast. Author of two books about utopian thought and poetics (published in 1998 and 2008).

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The Rise Of The Digital Is Changing Just About Everything About Curation | David Weinberger

I re-scooped this from Giuseppe Mauriello as I felt the somehow inconclusive conclusion was very close to what I personally felt: yes, curation is changing and digital curation will not be the same as it used to be pre-digital. Bottom line is we need to be prepared to live with softer boundaries than before of what is good and what isn’t.

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What are the biggest issues to solve in content curation?

This is kind of old but I rediscovered it recently on Quora and I felt it was an interesting opportunity to review what’s been accomplished in 2011 in that respect.
Seb Paquet is an interesting contributor to Social Media and a professor at the University of Quebec in Montreal.
I think 2011 has been a great year for curation : lots of new developments, great improvements on existing platform and raising awareness. It’s interesting to look back at questions like these and measure the progress we’re making both as platform developers and as members of a community with a particular interest on that subject.

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Our first offer, Business, was designed for small & mid-size companies willing to leverage curation to develop their brands and their audience on social media. Hence the focus on branding, domain hosting on top of other premium features. However we realized that “one size does not fit all curators”!

You know we are very attentive to your feedback and needs. is your publishing platform that we love to imagine as the best place to be heard and drive your social media activities. We are thankful to all of you for your commitment to and the great and numerous ideas you submit daily to our team. One underlying theme found in all of your feedback was clear : you needed a version between the Free and the Business versions, targeting individuals who are very active on social media.

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Why Curation is the natural form of Mobile Publishing

As we launch on the iPhone today, we wanted to come back on what publishing had meant on mobile so far: photos, short videos, tweets and short-form content but not much publishing activity involving long form and richer content.

Curation is an opportunity to change that. Here’s why.

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Lord of Curation Series: Fiona Milburn

Fiona Milburn has lived in London, New York and Los Angeles, and is now based in New Zealand where she has her own production company, which specializes in visual effects, transmedia and technology based content for emerging platforms.  Fiona has also worked extensively with international corporations, creating entertainment whilst ensuring that the integrity of their brand is not compromised.

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Lord of Curation Series: Minter Dial

President and founder of The Myndset Company, Minter Dial is a Professional speaker, coach & consultant on Branding and Digital Marketing.  Prior to the Myndset, Minter led a 16-year international career with the L’Oréal Group.  He enjoyed 9 different assignments in France, England, USA and Canada, including being Managing Director Worldwide of Redken, heading the Canadian Professional Division and, in his last position, running eBusiness, Business Development and Education worldwide for L’Oreal’s Professional Products Division.  Minter received his BA in Trilingual Literature from Yale University (1987) and gained his MBA at INSEAD, Fontainebleu (1993).  He can be contacted at or followed on Twitter @mdial.

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Do we need an Information Diet?

This makes me want to read the book and know more.  Clay Johnson seems to make an interesting parallel between the way we consume information today and the way we sometimes overconsume food. Leading to…

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Lord of Curation Series: Gust Mees

Gust MEES is an ICT course instructor with specialization on ICT Security. He is also a member of the “Advisory Board” of Luxembourg Safer Internet, called now BEESECURE, and an official partner of different Luxembourgish Government realizations, such as and MySecureIt (in French) and member of the Internet Society Luxembourg

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The KPI's of Curation

I’ve been asked on Quora to answer this question and I felt it was worth detailing. Social Media provides us with great ways to measure success – whether at the individual or the business level – as well as actionnable items. And Social Curation has an important role to play.

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Don't be a robot!

This presentation by Corinne Weisgerber touches in a very clear format on what separates aggregation than curation. And which, in my opinion, can be summarized by the human touch. While aggregation can be automated, curation…

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Lord of Curation Series: Martin Gysler

Martin Gysler is a a self-entrepreneur for over 20 years. He has been active in various fields such as, insurance, real estate, sports and wellness.

As convinced autodidact, he always had a strong attraction to computers and the web. However, this area was little or no accessible to a lucrative business, so he had to wait to get into this sector. This is been done for some time now. Today, he has abandoned most of the other branches to devote himself to his main passion which is the web and social media.

He offer his services (advice, strategy, implementation and training) to individuals and companies wishing to gain a foothold and increase their presence in this sector.

It is ultimately what he has wanted to do for a long time and now is a dream come true!

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