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How are copywriting and content marketing different?


How do you distinguish between copywriting and content marketing? In your personal circles, you might use the terms interchangeably—in fact, many offices and professionals do. But in reality, they’re very different concepts—and if you want to make the most of either one, you need to know why it’s distinct from the other. Copywriting Copywriting is […]

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The 9 features of a perfect content writing environment


If you want to be a successful content marketer, you need to have the time, energy, and motivation to produce large volumes of high-quality work. Even the most naturally motivated writers may find themselves unable to move forward if they aren’t in an environment conducive to that production. Ideally, you’ll be able to find, in […]

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Rethinking content marketing in the age of big data


Every company today is collecting massive amounts of business data, but is this benefiting your content marketing strategy? Oftentimes, companies will spend hours pouring over the data they’ve collected only to come up with a few tidbits of information to enhance your content. That’s hardly worth the time and resources spent. If this sounds like […]

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4 types of blogs that gain traction


Thousands of blogs are launched every single month, yet only a few ever last more than a few weeks. Part of the reason the failure rate is so high in blogging is that people don’t give much forethought to what people want to read. As a result, nobody visits, the blogger gets frustrated, and things […]

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What’s the secret to developing content that stands out?


There’s more to being successful in online marketing than creating and publishing content. These are important steps in the process, but they don’t guarantee results. Everyone is publishing content these days and you have to fight for a portion of your customers’ dwindling attention span. Content clutter abounds Noisy is the only way to describe […]

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6 surprisingly simple ways to become a more confident writer


There’s an epidemic sweeping through the content writing industry. People are spending more time curating other people’s content than crafting their own original pieces. In a world where it’s easy to simply grab something from someone else and share it with your audience, you may be falling prey to this dangerous trend. You may assume […]

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3 strategies for making your website’s content easier to consume


If you’re spending thousands of dollars on content each year, you have to carefully consider the return you’re getting on that investment. There are a number of factors that impact ROI, but one of the most frequently overlooked elements is “readability.” How easy is it for your website visitors to find and read your content? […]

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4 unique ways to connect with customers through content


The concept of engaging and wowing customers has never been more important than it is today. The internet – and specifically social media and blogging – has given every brand an opportunity to reach out and connect with customers. The question is, are you seizing the opportunities you have to create meaningful connections through custom […]

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How to create killer case studies that generate growth


Blogging plays a major role in content marketing. You need to regularly publish new blog posts to engage your audience and generate shares, backlinks, and SEO benefits. However, if you’re only focused on blogging, you’re missing out on a massive opportunity to enhance credibility with your audience. Specifically, you’re missing a chance to reap the […]

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5 signs your digital marketing strategy just isn’t working


You’ve been pouring money into your brand’s new digital marketing strategy for three months, six months, maybe even nine months…but where are the results? Are you seeing any tangible rewards? Just because you have a digital marketing strategy in place, doesn’t mean it’s working. This is a lesson many have to learn the hard way. […]

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6 unexpected ways you’ll benefit from writing content


Content marketing is one of the most effective marketing strategies you can employ, and the benefits are overwhelming—you’ll see higher traffic, higher customer retention, growth in other marketing areas like SEO and social media, and dozens of other benefits. However, the process of actually writing the content can also be beneficial for you—as a business […]

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The 10 qualities every content marketer must have


When most people think about content marketing, they think about the tangible (or semi-tangible) products of the campaign; they think about the articles, links, and engagements from users, and the resulting data that indicates whether or not the campaign was a success. And for the most part, this is a useful way to look at […]

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The 7 most harmful misconceptions about link building

7 most harmful misconceptions about link building

As online marketers, we aren’t just passive recipients and practitioners of online marketing trends and strategies. We’re active participants in the industry, helping to define and transform those trends. As a result, we have an implied responsibility to keep ourselves objective, which is increasingly difficult in a world where content is self-influential. All it takes […]

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The role of neuromarketing in modern web design

role of neuromarketing in modern web design

As industries become more and more crowded, it’s becoming even more challenging for marketers to stand out and effectively represent their brands. What’s the solution? Well, if you ask today’s leading marketers, most would agree that neuromarketing has to be at the top of the list. What is neuromarketing? There are many different definitions of […]

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How to construct an effective link building campaign: 5 content formats you should be using

how to construct an effective link building campaign 5 content formats

Some of the primary goals of content marketing in 2016 are to attract backlinks and build an audience. For a business, this ultimately results in more brand exposure, better website metrics, and an increased opportunity to upsell. But link building campaigns can’t succeed without the right types of content. The question is, which content formats should […]

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4 super effective tips to grow your email marketing list in 60 days

4 super effective tips to grow your email marketing list in 60 days

As you’re well aware, email marketing is a critically important tool for generating leads online. Whether you sell software, physical products, or anything in between, a powerful email marketing list can have a sizeable impact on your bottom line. And while the content certainly matters, the immediate focus should be on growing your subscription list. […]

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Social media: the heartbeat of every small business content marketing strategy

social media the heartbeat of every small business content marketing strategy

As the importance of content marketing grows, more and more small businesses are investing time and money into developing different types of content for their customers. However, many are forgetting two simple words: social media. The content marketing-social media relationship While we’re going to discuss the value of social media and the role it plays […]

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How to create engaging content for the senior generation: 6 actionable tips

how to create engaging content for the senior generation

As Baby Boomers move into the retirement demographic – about 10,000 of them have turned 65 every day since 2011 – web designers and content producers are facing a changing populace of web users. Baby Boomers aren’t digital natives, but most of them have learned the language and spend at least some portion of their […]

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7 easy ways to earn more links and shares for your content

7 easy ways to earn more links and shares for your content

Content marketing serves as a gateway for many independent online marketing functions. It’s a reputation builder, since it serves as a brand asset to new and recurring visitors. It’s a conversion enhancer, since it entices people to buy your products and services. It’s even a rank builder, since each piece of content you develop is […]

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Less is more: 7 reduction strategies to seriously improve your content

less is more 7 reduction strategies to create better content

There’s a serious quality problem in the content marketing world, and it’s only hurting marketers. Over the past several years, the value of content marketing has been heavily promoted and accepted, but people have come to misconstrue the tenets of a proper content strategy to emphasize content quantity over content quality. The reality is that both quantity and […]

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The value of sponsored content: 4 tips to maximize ROI

the value of sponsored content

As Internet users become ever savvier, businesses are having to find more natural ways to advertise and market their value offerings. One of the best ways to do this is by sponsoring content. If you’re going to spend money on sponsored content, however, you need to ensure you’re getting the most out of it. Consumer […]

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