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How to get more return on investment from content

Content marketing automation explained {video}


Only 30% of marketers consider their content marketing efforts to be effective. To succeed, marketers need to have a clear strategy in mind and execute this strategy impeccably every step of the way. But with almost 1 billion articles published giving you content marketing best practices, it’s hard to know what you should prioritize your […]

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7 ways marketing automation can make content marketing more effective


Content is the fuel of marketing automation. It’s the core product the machinery of marketing automation delivers – content that’s served up at the right time, to the right person, with the right message. That mix of right timing, right person, and right message is what can make content marketing so effective. But it’s something […]

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The 7 most harmful misconceptions about link building

7 most harmful misconceptions about link building

As online marketers, we aren’t just passive recipients and practitioners of online marketing trends and strategies. We’re active participants in the industry, helping to define and transform those trends. As a result, we have an implied responsibility to keep ourselves objective, which is increasingly difficult in a world where content is self-influential. All it takes […]

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Don’t just publish better – publish smarter

dont just publish better publish smarter

“It doesn’t matter how fast you’re running if you’re going in the wrong direction.” That’s a loosely paraphrased sentence from Pat Flynn’s book “Will It Fly? How to Test Your Next Business Idea So You Don’t Waste Your Time and Money”. There’s a lot of wisdom in that statement for content marketers. It distills how […]

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4 ways to supercharge your funnel with video marketing

4 ways to supercharge your funnel with video marketing

A lot of marketers and advertisers criticize the marketing funnel for being too simplistic – too linear to be an accurate reflection of a real buyer’s journey. And to some extent, this criticism is fair. Customers in the real world follow a path to purchase that’s anything but linear. They’re probably not going from awareness […]

Read More ranks as High Performer in content marketing software for summer 2016 by G2 Crowd


Read the full article at: Last year, we ranked as the #1 best content marketing software by GetApp in their quarterly ranking of the top 25 content marketing solutions. This year, we’re proud to be ranked among the high performers for content marketing by another platform: G2 Crowd. G2 Crowd is the world’s leading business software […]

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Content marketing automation: the age of artificial intelligence

content marketing automation the age of artificial intelligence

We’ve had robots building cars on assembly lines way before they could drive them. Likewise, marketers have so far been able to automate basic repeatable tasks but the creative or strategic parts of marketing – which include content – have benefited only minimally from advancements in automation. It’s only now that they can finally start to […]

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6 tips for managing your business’s content more efficiently as a team

6 tips for managing your business's content more efficiently as a team

Content is an important part of getting the word out about the great work your business is doing. Whether you run an online retail store with a national reach or a local service-based firm, the right content marketing strategy can make all the difference. However, a business owner can’t do everything alone and as a […]

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15 actionable tips to be a more efficient content marketer

15 actionable tips to be a more efficient content marketer

Got marketer’s overwhelm? Boy, are you not alone. While we’re living in one of the best times ever to work in marketing, everything about it is evolving fast. There’s content to create, audiences to build, a new social media platform every year (or more) and a dozen different skills and software applications to master. While […]

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Instagram marketing: 6 content tips to engage your audience

Instagram marketing 6 content tips for small businesses

Instagram, the popular photo- and video-based social media platform, is not just for celebrities and teens. It can help small businesses increase their exposure, and generate leads and sales. Adding yet another social media channel to your marketing mix might seem daunting; you have to produce even more content to provide real value for users. With Instagram, however, […]

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ROI or RIP: the complete Content Marketing handbook for SMBs


Those who claim that content marketing is only for people with deep pockets couldn’t be more wrong. If you’re an SMB looking to make a real impact through your content, if you want to generate actual, concrete results, this is the content marketing handbook you’ve been waiting for. Last year, over 4,000 marketers downloaded our eBook ROI or […]

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The role of neuromarketing in modern web design

role of neuromarketing in modern web design

As industries become more and more crowded, it’s becoming even more challenging for marketers to stand out and effectively represent their brands. What’s the solution? Well, if you ask today’s leading marketers, most would agree that neuromarketing has to be at the top of the list. What is neuromarketing? There are many different definitions of […]

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Sharing is caring: how to implement a successful social media advocacy program

sharing is caring how to implement a successful social media advocacy program

In the age of declining organic reach on social media, it has never been more important to encourage employee advocacy online. As a company, you might have a big following on social media, but as a group, your employees can reach a far larger audience on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter than you’d be able to […]

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Content performance is more than clicks and shares: how to track metrics that matter

content performance is more than clicks and shares

Ever heard the story about the guy looking for his keys on a dark street? Someone comes by to help him and asks where he dropped his keys. He says, “oh – over there, in the alley.” The other guy says, “So why are you looking here, under this streetlight?” And the man looking for […]

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How to construct an effective link building campaign: 5 content formats you should be using

how to construct an effective link building campaign 5 content formats

Some of the primary goals of content marketing in 2016 are to attract backlinks and build an audience. For a business, this ultimately results in more brand exposure, better website metrics, and an increased opportunity to upsell. But link building campaigns can’t succeed without the right types of content. The question is, which content formats should […]

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Don’t be afraid of the content bots: 5 ways to leverage the benefits of artificial intelligence for content marketing

5 ways to leverage the benefits of artificial intelligence for content marketing

Imagine you took a world-class business writer and asked him to rate the quality of several pieces of content in a blind test. Would he be able to tell which ones were created by humans and which ones were produced by automated writing? Well, that’s exactly what Mark Schaefer addressed recently. To find out that… […]

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