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How content curation can help you to engage your audiences

Content Curation Strategy: A Comprehensive Hands-On Guide

When businesses decide to give content curation a shot, they usually take one of the two paths: they jump in head-first with no strategy at all, or they overthink they strategy and rarely do anything.

You can see the first scenario quite often, and it’s no surprise.

Content curation feels like a simple thing to do—you find the content you like, you share it along with your thoughts on it, and you move on. Your content calendar is full and your boss is happy. But this approach means you’re investing your time into something you can’t quite measure the results of.

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Getting started with content marketing: 3 different frameworks for SMBs to set the right expectations

So you finally decided to embrace content marketing for 2018. That’s great news! But do you really know what to expect in terms of investment? As we stated in a previous post, content marketing works… success is proven, but some upfront investment is required. Of course, it will depend on what you’re trying to achieve with content marketing (get better rankings, get more traffic etc.)

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