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How to Develop an Internal Content Strategy That Engages Employees

how to develop an internal content strategy that engage employees

When you think about content, in terms of business, what sort of mediums and strategies come to mind? If you’re like most, your focus immediately shifts towards content marketing – things like blog posts, press releases, social media, and landing page optimization. But content isn’t always outwardly facing.

There’s a time and place for having an internal content strategy and your company shouldn’t ignore the role it could play in pushing your business forward

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Paid Content Distribution: How to Win With Your Perfect Audience

As content marketers, we place an astonishing amount of focus on content production. We look for ways to streamline these processes and create more with less without taking the time to reflect on the impact our content is making.

Production also seems to be the leading marketer’s challenge. However, it’s the content promotion that has the final word in deciding whether a piece of content was successful.

With the decline of organic reach, paid content distribution comes as a powerful tool of every savvy marketer. Let’s look into why organic promotion is a challenge, and the five steps to overcoming it.

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How to Write for a Segmented Audience

How to Write for a Segmented Audience

Writing for a single target audience is a challenge for most writers. You have to get in tune with your audience’s perspectives, histories, values, wants, and needs, then choose a topic that suits them and adopt a tone they can relate to. Even if you’re used to writing for a particular niche, it’s still exhausting work.

So what happens when you want to target two different audience segments?

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How to Hit the Perfect Readability Score of Your Niche Audience

how to hit the perfect readability score of your niche audience

Content Readability refers to the ability of your content to attract the target audience with its simplicity, clarity, relatability, and natural flow, from start to finish.

The B2B marketers confront numerous challenges to drive their content marketing campaign. However, nothing tests them quite like creating engaging content.

In fact, 60% of the content marketers surveyed during the 2016 B2B Content Marketing Trends put “Producing engaging content” as their #1 challenge.

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How Empathetic Storytelling Is the Key to Good Content Marketing

how empathetic storytelling is the key to good content marketing

Bad news, content marketers: traditional storytelling has gone mainstream. Once a coveted tool among content marketers, storytelling has prompted professionals of all backgrounds to inform and inspire their audiences with strategically relatable content.

In a market where 92% of consumers prefer stories in messaging, marketing teams will need more than facts and figures to tell a good story. They’ll need empathetic storytelling. Good empathetic storytelling simply makes us feel better—usually by generating a chemical response in our brains that heightens our focus and helps us build connections with others.

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Why including data-driven research in your content ideation process is essential

When we mention content marketing, we talk about the technique that consists in creating and distributing high-quality content to acquire and engage with a targeted audience, so they can finally purchase goods or services from your company. Content quality is, therefore, a crucial element in your content marketing strategy: you have to provide a relevant […]

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3 ways to convert website traffic into sales

Website traffic is a major metric many marketers use to measure the success of their marketing campaigns. I won’t go into a debate about whether it is the right or wrong metric to watch but traffic is the basis of most marketing metrics. Unfortunately, most people still do not know what to do with website […]

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How to propel your content marketing without actually writing texts

Content marketing is all the rage. The amount of content published online every second is insane. The craze around it is not anywhere near dying down. As the competition for user eyeballs is getting more and more intense, marketers are striving to find new strategies that actually work. Obviously, excellent articles require excellent writers. Just some kind of yeah-whatever-writing level is no longer enough.

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How companies are using data-driven AI to improve customer experiences

Artificial intelligence (AI) is the tech world’s golden goose. Machine learning’s incredible potential for task automation and productivity has a home in almost every industry, and companies all over the world are tapping into the technology. The integration of AI-powered chatbots and data-driven analytics can improve user experiences and reduce the workload on human service […]

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Market intelligence: how to leverage information to beat competition

If you want to make relevant decisions, you need to listen. That’s what market intelligence is all about. Information and data (industry-related trends, competition, online reputation…) are very important assets for any company. If you check out the graph below, you’ll see that the amount of data created worldwide hasn’t stopped growing, and this growth will […]

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Improve the way you measure your content’s impact with the new analytics feature

Measuring the impact of your actions is key in content marketing. We always advise here to design a strategy first so you can generate significant results. To do so, it’s important to define precise objectives and identify a few KPIs that you should keep track of. We revamped the analytics feature in Content Director, […]

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4 project management fails every content marketer can avoid

  Project management is a very challenging discipline. Even experienced project managers face a number of challenges. Fortunately, projects go much more smoothly and are more successful if you are aware of the most common mistakes and take appropriate steps to avoid them. Here are some of the most common project management mistakes that marketers […]

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How to write engaging tweets in 280 characters

If you want to be a successful digital marketer, then you should be aware of the latest updates related to social media. Being one of the most widely used social media platforms out there, Twitter keeps on redefining itself. A while back, it announced the latest update regarding the 280 character limit for tweets. The […]

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The 10 do’s and don’ts of FAQ pages

The modern FAQ has evolved to become one of the most important pages of your site—both for new visitors and for returning customers. But if you’ve never created an FAQ page before, or if you don’t have a solid vision backing your FAQ strategy, the whole process can seem intimidating. While you may not be […]

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Each of your employees should be a writer: here’s why

Once a company grows beyond its initial team, it almost always hires a dedicated writer to handle various responsibilities. For example, technical writers specialize in writing manuals and other technical documents to be read and understood by non-experts, while copywriters focus on producing taglines and advertising material, and content writers produce blog posts and other marketing collateral. […]

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6 secrets of viral content

Whatever type of online business you are engaged in, you should understand the importance of content marketing. 87% of buyers say that content affects their choice. And now imagine, what will happen if everybody from your target audience reads quality posts on your blog or social networks! In this article, I’ll try to explain how […]

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Content intelligence insights: the hottest content marketing trends for 2018

Content marketing has been one of digital marketing’s hottest topics for years. Here is the proof – you can see by yourself that, according to Google Trends, the interest in the term “content marketing” hasn’t stopped growing: It’s early 2018 and we decided to analyze 19 000 articles on the topic of content marketing, published […]

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