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How to create engaging content for the senior generation: 6 actionable tips

how to create engaging content for the senior generation

As Baby Boomers move into the retirement demographic – about 10,000 of them have turned 65 every day since 2011 – web designers and content producers are facing a changing populace of web users. Baby Boomers aren’t digital natives, but most of them have learned the language and spend at least some portion of their […]

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7 ways to keep your social media feeds streaming with awesome content

how to keep your social media feeds streaming with awesome content

Social media accounts are hungry creatures. They have to be fed, but keeping them fed can be time consuming. Trouble is, unless your job title is “social media manager”, you’ve probably got other things you should be doing. So you either add some hours to an already long workweek, or you: Share less on social […]

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4 ways incubators and startup studios benefit from entrepreneur-in-residence programs

4 ways incubators benefit from entrepreneur-in-residence programs

Business owners participate in incubators and entrepreneurial studios to get support for their startups. By simply being part of one of these programs, they gain access to resources not normally available to startup founders. Incubators exist to bring great minds together, but without the advisors they need to mentor and nurture their members, these organizations […]

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How to use analytics to understand and improve your email marketing [SPEED Email Series, Part 5]

how to use analytics to improve your email marketing achieving email speed part 5

The best email marketer is the data-driven email marketer. Actually, you could say the same thing about all forms of digital marketing. Email marketing affords you the ultimate opportunity to collect data and apply insights to perpetually improve your work. In fact, with email, you can trace actions to specific individuals. Powerful stuff. Remember, in our […]

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How to incorporate video into your content marketing for better results

how to use video to optimize your content marketing lifecycle

As marketers, we’re always looking to improve our content, and using video allows you to just that. Videos that explain, teach, and delight give your content a strong boost, and help to bring your audience closer to your brand. According to Wyzowl, 88% of businesses say that video is an important part of their marketing […]

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How to harness the benefits of guest posting: 5+ tips to make the most of your blog

how to harness the benefits of the guest post

Guest posting is a hot topic in the blogging world, raising questions about how the genre is used. Some find guest posts to be excessively promotional, while others think that the format allows sites to curate a collection of specialized expertise on topics of interest. If you don’t know a lot about a topic, isn’t […]

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7 easy ways to earn more links and shares for your content

7 easy ways to earn more links and shares for your content

Content marketing serves as a gateway for many independent online marketing functions. It’s a reputation builder, since it serves as a brand asset to new and recurring visitors. It’s a conversion enhancer, since it entices people to buy your products and services. It’s even a rank builder, since each piece of content you develop is […]

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Revamp, reuse, recreate: 5 [simple] ways to repurpose your blog content successfully

revamp, reuse, recreate 5 ways to repurpose your blog content

Blogs are a kind of endless field. You’ve written dozens or even hundreds of blogs, and yet, more seem to stretch out before you, waiting to fill your site. Unfortunately, staring out into that field, you may start to feel that you’re out of ideas. Really, what’s left to write about? While there will always […]

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Less is more: 7 reduction strategies to seriously improve your content

less is more 7 reduction strategies to create better content

There’s a serious quality problem in the content marketing world, and it’s only hurting marketers. Over the past several years, the value of content marketing has been heavily promoted and accepted, but people have come to misconstrue the tenets of a proper content strategy to emphasize content quantity over content quality. The reality is that both quantity and […]

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The best content marketing tools for the planning phase (2/6)

the best content marketing tools for the planning phase content marketing lifecycle

Earlier this month, we listed the best content marketing tools for the strategy phase, the first phase of the content marketing lifecycle. We discussed how content marketing is a powerful opportunity to build a loyal audience authentically, provided you’re willing to invest the time and effort it takes to do things right. In order to succeed with content […]

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The value of sponsored content: 4 tips to maximize ROI

the value of sponsored content

As Internet users become ever savvier, businesses are having to find more natural ways to advertise and market their value offerings. One of the best ways to do this is by sponsoring content. If you’re going to spend money on sponsored content, however, you need to ensure you’re getting the most out of it. Consumer […]

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Email marketing automation 101: What’s the difference between MailChimp and HubSpot/Marketo?

email marketing automation mailchimp hubspot or marketo

You may be skeptical, but businesses should still be using email marketing to win new customers and maintain relationships with current customers. Email may seem like an oversaturated communication channel today, but email campaigns still nurture leads, increase sales, and convert customers 3x more than social media. It’s a no brainer. Email marketing converts customers […]

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The best content marketing tools for the strategy phase (1/6)

best content marketing tools for the strategy phase content marketing lifecycle

Content marketing has a lot going for it. For starters, if you’ve got some content creation and promotion skills, it can be done nearly for free. It’s also a great way to build a trusting audience – if you can be patient while that audience grows. But like anything, content marketing has its snags. It takes […]

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Outsourcing content creation made simple: 5 [easy] ways to find the right freelancer

outsourcing content creation doesnt have to be hard if you do this

A long time ago, I managed up to 20 freelance writers at a time. They helped me create content for a series of niche websites. I learned a lot hiring them and working with them. If you’re struggling to create enough content in-house, it might be time to consider hiring some freelance content creators. If […]

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Blogging ROI: how to calculate the long-term ROI of your blog posts

Blogging ROI how to calculate the long-term ROI of your blog posts

ROI is the preeminent measure of success for any business. The vital role ROI plays is indisputable as it provides concrete, measurable proof of the effectiveness of any marketing program against the cost of the program. Evaluating ROI can determine how budgets are allocated, how a business plan for an organization is developed and can […]

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Visual content marketing 101: 5 ways to use visuals as the foundation of your content

5 unique ways to use visuals in your content

Visual content is a powerful way to make your content more engaging. Adding images to blog articles and social media posts are just a few proven ways to substantially boost engagement. While widely viewed as an add-on strategy meant to supplement or enhance written content, visual content marketing goes beyond simply including a stock photo in your blog or social media posts. […]

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How to find awesome content your email subscribers will love

how to find awesome content your email subscribers will love

Are you sending out email updates to promote your new content? If you are, give yourself a pat on the back. Because most marketers aren’t. This was one of the biggest surprises we found after surveying 1,038 SMB marketers on their content marketing best practices and analyzing the results using our Content Marketing Grader tool. Only 29% […]

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Quantity vs quality: why a balance is key to content marketing success

quantity vs quality why balance is key to content marketing success

This is one of the core questions content marketers struggle with. How you answer it will shape your content strategy, your budget, and more. No content marketer answers this question in the same way. Even on this blog, there might be some dispute. Depending on your budget, your audience, or your business model, you may need […]

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How to construct a killer landing page: 4 elements to incorporate for success

how to build a killer landing page

While there may not be a perfect formula for building a successful landing page, it is true that high converting pages typically share some basic elements. If you want to ensure success and garner positive results from your landing pages, then don’t forget to incorporate the following four important components into your landing page construction process: […]

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Social media marketing: it’s complicated but rewarding

Social media marketing- it's complicated but rewarding

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and Pinterest boast a combined total of 2.5 billion active users. Let that sink in: there are 2.5 billion regularly updated accounts on those five platforms alone, so it’s no wonder that every company in the world wants to grab their own slice of social pie, reaching out to new and […]

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How to make your email marketing program beefier and the process leaner [SPEED Email, Part 4]

How to make your email marketing program beefier and the process leaner - SPEED Email, Part 4

It’s that time again. We began this email SPEED series by covering how to get started. Second, how to build a list. Third, effective lead nurturing strategies – including email newsletters. For the next installment, we’re going to focus on how to crank up your email program. Is it worth it? Will it devour my time and money? Where does […]

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3 proven ways to amplify your content marketing efforts

3 proven ways to amplify your content marketing efforts

Content marketing is tricky. It’s fairly easy to set up the rudiments of a content marketing machine, but getting it to turn a profit is another beast entirely. The reality is that many companies are just barely breaking even. That’s a tough spot to be in. You’re doing just well enough that you don’t want to […]

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What mix of content is part of your social media marketing plan in 2016?

what mix of content is part of your social media marketing plan in 2016

Social media is a critical channel for businesses looking to distribute branded content to their market. It puts companies in front of marketing qualified prospects who may not yet have thought to conduct a basic Google keyword search leading them to your website. Social media is a powerful channel you can leverage in order to connect with and build […]

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10 SEO strategies that will work in 2016

10 SEO strategies that still work in 2016

SEO marketing strategies are ever-evolving because of Google’s watchful eye and changing algorithms. What can you do to stay ahead of the curve and ensure longevity on page one? Last year I gave some solid predictions for 2015 SEO strategies, but I’m here to refresh those predictions with a new post—not all of last year’s […]

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How to boost inbound marketing success with content marketing, SEO and social media

Boost inbound marketing success with content marketing, SEO and social media

Google currently indexes close to 50 billion pages in its algorithm and every minute that goes by, nearly 70,000 blog posts are created and added to the internet. Content marketing has become an effective inbound marketing strategy for companies around the globe. Yet many businesses still don’t seem to have a strategic content marketing approach […]

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