Content marketing best practices: what we learned from 1,000+ SMB marketers

Adoption of top lean content marketing best practices by SMB marketers copy

Content marketers have no shortage of advice when it comes to best practices. The industry clearly practices what it preaches and publishes a gigantic amount of content on… how to do content right. So how do you cut through the Continue reading

4 ways to use interactive content in marketing

4 ways to use interactive content in marketing

While there’s nothing wrong with standard text-based content, it’s important that businesses develop alternative methods for “spicing things up.” When used in conjunction with quality articles, blog posts, and website copy, interactive features can really enhance the entire content marketing Continue reading

The best content marketing tools for the publishing phase (4/6)

best content marketing tools edition 4 publishing phase

Last editions: #1: The best content marketing tools for the research phase. #2: The best content marketing tools for the creation phase. #3: The best content marketing tools for the optimization phase. We mentioned how much content marketing is an opportunity to build an Continue reading

5 business practices that became obsolete overnight

5 business practices that became obsolete overnight

Business practices are always changing and updating themselves as different socio-economic, political, and technological climates wax and wane with the changing world, but there are some traditions we were sure would be around forever. A stable corporate hierarchy, a regular workweek, using celebrities to help us market products. (This seemed like convention that would be around forever; tried and true and time-tested.) However, the way things are going, it seems even the celebrity will be joining the pencil-skirted secretaries and prized corner offices of yore. It used to be that a person picked a profession, joined a company, worked 45 years in that same company, collected the gold watch, and then retired, played golf, and vacationed with the wife (it usually was the man who did this, remember) until they died. To make sure your business isn’t a cliché, or stuck in the past, consider these five business practices that have become obsolete– seemingly overnight. Continue reading

Compelling infographics: 4 tips content marketers should follow


As content marketing has grown in popularity, marketers have become more familiar with how customers like to interact with information online. Visual content is a great cure for short attention spans, conveying a message succinctly, and it has the added benefit of presenting information in a shareable format. When a customer can see concepts illustrated in colorful, well-designed and compelling infographics, that customer may be better able to grasp those concepts than if they were outlined in writing. But if you want to make compelling infographics, you have to put some effort into it. Infographics are often driven by content, so it’s important to have a solid background before starting. Marketers should also have several unbiased people review the infographic to make sure it makes sense before publishing it. Here are a few ways infographics are gradually changing content marketing as we know it today.

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How to adapt your content marketing to the rise of big content

Are you ready to adapt to the Rise of Big Content

“According to Gartner surveys, content is the most important thing marketers can do and yet they’re unequipped to take it on from a skills and sourcing level.”


Last week, Gartner released the results of their study around the 5 top emerging trends in digital marketing, and one of the big 5 is around the “rise of big content”.

Most marketers understand how important content is for their audience and their overall marketing strategy, but they critically lack resources/skills to either create good content or source good content to curate.

The choice of words Gartner used was very wise: we all know “marketers understanding that” does not mean “CEOs understanding that. So just like most marketers, you might be facing a situation where you and anyone within your company who can and would write has millions of other things to do with deadlines that can’t be pushed.  

In my opinion there are three answers you can bring to scale your content marketing and address the challenges created by the rise of big content: Continue reading