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The 8 content marketing resources that made me a better marketer in 2016


Many, many things happened in 2016. Jimmy Butler broke Michael Jordan‘s Chicago Bulls record for points in a half on January 3rd. We certified the world’s largest ever blue star sapphire at 1404.49 carats on January 4 (that’s a lot of carats…). On January 6, “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” broke the North American box office record. […]

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What is curated content? (hint) It’s not social sharing – free eBook


Curated content. The term has been used to cover many different things. Most marketers are familiar with the practice of sharing other people’s content on social networks, what we’ll refer to as social curated content. Curated content actually covers much more than just social sharing, and can help your content marketing results in ways you […]

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You should not stop content marketing during a website redesign


Have your ever seen a successful and well-ranked website just because it was beautifully designed? Certainly not. A website without great content is simply useless. Your website is the face of your business – it educates your audience about your products and services, displays information on your brand and your values, and let people know how to reach […]

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Less than 10 minutes to build your newsletter with the new Content Director


How do you measure if your content marketing strategy is successful or not? For most marketers, the answer is: traffic, leads, revenue. We all know now that creating great content on a regular basis is not enough to succeed. If you want your content to be read – and appreciated – by your audience, you need […]

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Content curation: your best bet if you’re looking to save time and money


“Content curation builds trust and credibility for your brand because it keeps customers informed. Your curation efforts educate and engage customers, providing them with a valuable service—which they will appreciate because it relieves them of the need to source content on their own” Read the full article at In this post, our good friend Paul […]

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Content marketing automation explained {video}


Only 30% of marketers consider their content marketing efforts to be effective. To succeed, marketers need to have a clear strategy in mind and execute this strategy impeccably every step of the way. But with almost 1 billion articles published giving you content marketing best practices, it’s hard to know what you should prioritize your […]

Read More ranks as High Performer in content marketing software for summer 2016 by G2 Crowd


Read the full article at: Last year, we ranked as the #1 best content marketing software by GetApp in their quarterly ranking of the top 25 content marketing solutions. This year, we’re proud to be ranked among the high performers for content marketing by another platform: G2 Crowd. G2 Crowd is the world’s leading business software […]

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ROI or RIP: the complete Content Marketing handbook for SMBs


Those who claim that content marketing is only for people with deep pockets couldn’t be more wrong. If you’re an SMB looking to make a real impact through your content, if you want to generate actual, concrete results, this is the content marketing handbook you’ve been waiting for. Last year, over 4,000 marketers downloaded our eBook ROI or […]

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Reinventing content marketing automation: introducing the new Content Director


Content marketing has never been so hot. 80% of companies now create content as part of their marketing strategy. Yet, 71% of marketers feel their content marketing is failing. That’s over 2/3 of marketers who invested time and money into content marketing and still struggle to generate results. That’s not surprising when you have mountains of things […]

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10 techniques to successfully amplify your content marketing (6/6)

10 techniques to successfully amplify your content

In an ideal world, you’d produce a great piece of content, hit publish and never have to worry about it again. In this same fairytale land, that piece of content would magically get directly in front of the audience you intended it for all on its own, and start generating traffic and leads immediately, without you having […]

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Why producing good content is not enough to succeed (and what to do about it)

why producing good content is not enough to succeed

Content production is a challenge that has dominated the content marketing space for a while now, with 54% of B2B marketers continuing to cite the creation of engaging content as their #1 content marketing challenge for 2016. Today, 80% of marketers create content, yet only 30% report their strategies as being effective. While it is a necessary and […]

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11 content marketing misconceptions that will make you fail [and how to overcome them]

11 content marketing misconceptions that can make you fail

According to CMI’s 2016 benchmark report, only 30% of B2B marketers say their organizations are effective at content marketing. It’s no secret that content marketing has become standard practice for businesses today. Yet many marketers still struggle with how to do it effectively. With content marketing’s rise in popularity has come a slew of false […]

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How to analyze your content to generate maximum content marketing ROI (5/6)

how to analyze your content to generate maximum content marketing ROI phase 5 content marketing lifecycle

While producing and promoting your content is important, measuring the effectiveness of your efforts is vital for content marketing success. Most marketers today struggle with how to prove concrete ROI from their content marketing, and over 56% admit either failing or lacking clarity entirely on whether they are successful or not. It’s easy to create content, hit publish and then forget […]

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A simple guide to promote your content in 2016: part 4 of the content marketing lifecycle

how to promote your content in 2016 phase 4 content marketing lifecycle

You did it. You got your content baby out. You’ve worked long and hard to get here. You’re tired but proud. You’re also glad you followed the tips included in our latest content marketing lifecycle optimization post about being lean to scale your content production to help you create this awesome, fresh piece your audience will love in […]

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Producing great content for your blog at scale (3/6)

Producing great content for your blog at scale phase 3 of content marketing lifecycle

Content production remains the #1 challenge for most marketers when starting out with content marketing, where a lack of good content continues to be a hurdle many struggle to overcome. While it may seem basic, content creation is a vital component of effective content marketing, yet it isn’t enough. Unfortunately, it’s just one of the phases […]

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Plan your content marketing to set you up for success (2/6)

plan your content marketing to set you up for success

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: content marketing is an ongoing cycle that requires optimization at every phase in order to be successful. Effective content marketing is about managing the entire content marketing lifecycle– strategizing, planning, producing, promoting, analyzing and amplifying, and repeating. But if you’re just getting started with content marketing, it’s easy to over-focus […]

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How to strategize your content marketing for success (1/6)

strategize your content marketing for success

There’s no denying it. Over the past few years, the marketing landscape has undergone a massive transformation fueled by content, mobile and social technologies. Content marketing has become an essential and powerful practice for marketers to use to boost website traffic, online visibility, and convert leads into customers. However creating good content is a struggle for many marketers, and […]

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The #1 step you need to take to maximize your content reach

how to maximize your content reach

We recently surveyed 1,000+ SMB marketers on their content activities. 80% claimed they invested time to maintain a blog, which is great. Creating content is now an accepted necessity, especially for small and medium-sized businesses who need organic traffic to get noticed amongst their competitors. Blogging can be challenging, I’ll give you that. Creating impactful […]

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The complete guide to optimizing the content marketing lifecycle

The complete guide to optimizing the content marketing lifecycle the right way

  Content marketing is a practice that has been on a steady upswing since 2015. It’s a hot subject amongst top influencers in the marketing space, and even Gartner can’t stress how important it is: There’s no denying it: content is the most important tool marketers can use, yet most are ill-prepared and lack the skills and resources to take it […]

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Share your content on Pinterest directly from!

Share your content on Pinterest directly from!

You’ve been asking for it. We did it! You already know you can share your content on Twitter, LinkedIn Company pages, LinkedIn profile pages, LinkedIn Groups, Google+, Facebook pages, Facebook profiles, Buffer and Tumblr… Now you can also share your content on Pinterest! Share your content on Pinterest: how to add it as a distribution channel […]

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Announcing the survey for’s Annual Content Marketing Report 2016 annual content marketing report 16

What content marketing KPIs are most businesses following? Where do marketers look for information about their jobs? What are the topics everyone should follow today?  If you have ever asked yourself these questions, you are not alone. At, we spend a lot of time thinking and writing about the content marketing industry. Our product is even […]

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How to generate ROI out of your content marketing in 2016 – webinar with Buzzsumo &

how to generate ROI out of your content marketing in 2016

Content Marketing ROI can take time to achieve. Even with the best content and the smartest strategy, it can take weeks or months to build the right audience and see the compounding benefits that cumulate over time. So while you’re executing your content plan, how do you know whether you’re on the right track? If […]

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Best of content marketing articles, Q4 2015

Best of content marketing articles, Q4 2015

We wanted to share with you the Best Of Content Marketing articles we wrote in the past 3 months. Let us know if you like them in the comments! On track to Content Marketing ROI? Take the 5′ test We’ve created the first interactive Content Marketing ROI Grader. It takes less than 5′ to complete it […]

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Content and automation join forces: Content Director now integrates with Hubspot

Content and automation join forces- Content Director now integrates with Hubspot

Blogging is no longer something companies can avoid. It has become common knowledge that a content marketing strategy is not required but vital if you want to cut through the noise of the internet and reach your targeted audience. I like the way Circle Studio has defined a successful online marketing strategy: Many components make a successful […]

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Getting started with Content Marketing – Hubspot &’s complete guide

Twitter Post 4 (1)

To “do” content marketing, you need to “do” content. But when marketers set out to actually build a content creation team, there’s the dream, and there’s the reality. Since 90% of all the data in the world has been generated over the last two years, search engines had to find a better way of identifying quality […]

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On track to Content Marketing ROI? Take the 5′ test

scoopit content marketing roi grader influencers

Bygone days. It used to be simpler. Marketers would create super-well designed brochures and pay to advertise their product/service in front of their audience. Wait. What just happened? Internet of course. Internet changed everything. 90% of the world’s data has been generated over the past 2 years. Buyers now go through 57% of the purchasing process before […]

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Best of content marketing articles, Q3 2015

Best of Content Marketing articles, Q3 2015

Hi everyone, We wanted to share with you the Best Of Content Marketing articles we wrote in the past 3 months. And in extra, get the list of the best tools for the publishing phase of content marketing! How to write good blog posts for your audience and SEO and make sure they perform. Here […]

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Why evergreen content is a lean content marketing strategy

Why evergreen content is a lean content marketing strategy

“I like to compare evergreen posts to the foundations of a house. You may put up new wallpaper, patch up the roof, or even change the tiles on the floor – but rarely do you need to change the foundation of the house.” Read the full article at: Al Gomez‘s metaphor about evergreen content being […]

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