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A simple guide to promote your content: part 4 of the content marketing lifecycle

how to promote your content in 2016 phase 4 content marketing lifecycle

You did it. You got your content baby out. You’ve worked long and hard to get here. You’re tired but proud. You’re also glad you followed the tips included in our latest content marketing lifecycle optimization post about being lean to scale your content production to help you create this awesome, fresh piece your audience will love in […]

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10+ of the best tools you need to produce better content (3/6)

best content marketing tools for the production phase

While content marketing is a powerful opportunity to build loyal relationships with your readers, it requires a lot of time and energy to do it successfully. Content marketing is a challenging, ongoing process that requires optimization at every phase in order to succeed. In today’s nonstop digital world that content marketing has quickly taken by storm, marketers’ need […]

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Producing great content for your blog at scale (3/6)

Producing great content for your blog at scale phase 3 of content marketing lifecycle

Content production remains the #1 challenge for most marketers when starting out with content marketing, where a lack of good content continues to be a hurdle many struggle to overcome. While it may seem basic, content creation is a vital component of effective content marketing, yet it isn’t enough. Unfortunately, it’s just one of the phases […]

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The best content marketing tools for the planning phase (2/6)

the best content marketing tools for the planning phase content marketing lifecycle

Earlier this month, we listed the best content marketing tools for the strategy phase, the first phase of the content marketing lifecycle. We discussed how content marketing is a powerful opportunity to build a loyal audience authentically, provided you’re willing to invest the time and effort it takes to do things right. In order to succeed with content […]

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The value of sponsored content: 4 tips to maximize ROI

the value of sponsored content

As Internet users become ever savvier, businesses are having to find more natural ways to advertise and market their value offerings. One of the best ways to do this is by sponsoring content. If you’re going to spend money on sponsored content, however, you need to ensure you’re getting the most out of it. Consumer […]

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Plan your content marketing to set you up for success (2/6)

plan your content marketing to set you up for success

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: content marketing is an ongoing cycle that requires optimization at every phase in order to be successful. Effective content marketing is about managing the entire content marketing lifecycle– strategizing, planning, producing, promoting, analyzing and amplifying, and repeating. But if you’re just getting started with content marketing, it’s easy to over-focus […]

Read More’s content marketing & technology survey: what are your expectations from technology in 2016?

content marketing and technology survey

What are the biggest challenges you face today with content marketing? How much time and money do you invest in your content marketing efforts? Can technology help make you more efficient? These are all questions you’ve more than likely asked at one point or another. We’ve even asked them ourselves. While content marketing has continued to grow and further establish itself […]

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The best content marketing tools for the strategy phase (1/6)

best content marketing tools for the strategy phase content marketing lifecycle

Content marketing has a lot going for it. For starters, if you’ve got some content creation and promotion skills, it can be done nearly for free. It’s also a great way to build a trusting audience – if you can be patient while that audience grows. But like anything, content marketing has its snags. It takes […]

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Blogging ROI: how to calculate the long-term ROI of your blog posts

Blogging ROI how to calculate the long-term ROI of your blog posts

ROI is the preeminent measure of success for any business. The vital role ROI plays is indisputable as it provides concrete, measurable proof of the effectiveness of any marketing program against the cost of the program. Evaluating ROI can determine how budgets are allocated, how a business plan for an organization is developed and can […]

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Visual content marketing 101: 5 ways to use visuals as the foundation of your content

5 unique ways to use visuals in your content

Visual content is a powerful way to make your content more engaging. Adding images to blog articles and social media posts are just a few proven ways to substantially boost engagement. While widely viewed as an add-on strategy meant to supplement or enhance written content, visual content marketing goes beyond simply including a stock photo in your blog or social media posts. […]

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How to use WordPress + Google Docs to help you collaborate more effectively on your blog

how to collaborate more effectively on your blog wordpress and google docs integration

Who writes directly in WordPress? Bloggers: Do you draft posts in WordPress or somewhere else first then import into wordpress? — Devesh Khanal (@deveshkhanal) January 28, 2016 Not many people it seems. Good content requires collaboration: drafting, comments, reviews, editing, etc. Even natural-born writers need editors. Perhaps more importantly, content marketing is not about creating content […]

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How to strategize your content marketing for success (1/6)

strategize your content marketing for success

There’s no denying it. Over the past few years, the marketing landscape has undergone a massive transformation fueled by content, mobile and social technologies. Content marketing has become an essential and powerful practice for marketers to use to boost website traffic, online visibility, and convert leads into customers. However creating good content is a struggle for many marketers, and […]

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The #1 step you need to take to maximize your content reach

how to maximize your content reach

We recently surveyed 1,000+ SMB marketers on their content activities. 80% claimed they invested time to maintain a blog, which is great. Creating content is now an accepted necessity, especially for small and medium-sized businesses who need organic traffic to get noticed amongst their competitors. Blogging can be challenging, I’ll give you that. Creating impactful […]

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Everything you need to know about curation in 2016: 8 content curation best practices

Content Writing Chat

If you’re in the dark about content curation, you’ve come to the right place. Earlier this week, our CEO Guillaume guest hosted for Express Writers‘s weekly #ContentWritingChat on Twitter, where he discussed content curation tips, best practices, tools, and pretty much everything you could ever possibly need to know about content curation with a community of eager and […]

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The complete guide to optimizing the content marketing lifecycle

The complete guide to optimizing the content marketing lifecycle the right way

  Content marketing is a practice that has been on a steady upswing since 2015. It’s a hot subject amongst top influencers in the marketing space, and even Gartner can’t stress how important it is: There’s no denying it: content is the most important tool marketers can use, yet most are ill-prepared and lack the skills and resources to take it […]

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3 proven ways to amplify your content marketing efforts

3 proven ways to amplify your content marketing efforts

Content marketing is tricky. It’s fairly easy to set up the rudiments of a content marketing machine, but getting it to turn a profit is another beast entirely. The reality is that many companies are just barely breaking even. That’s a tough spot to be in. You’re doing just well enough that you don’t want to […]

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What mix of content is part of your social media marketing plan in 2016?

what mix of content is part of your social media marketing plan in 2016

Social media is a critical channel for businesses looking to distribute branded content to their market. It puts companies in front of marketing qualified prospects who may not yet have thought to conduct a basic Google keyword search leading them to your website. Social media is a powerful channel you can leverage in order to connect with and build […]

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10 SEO strategies that will work in 2016

10 SEO strategies that still work in 2016

SEO marketing strategies are ever-evolving because of Google’s watchful eye and changing algorithms. What can you do to stay ahead of the curve and ensure longevity on page one? Last year I gave some solid predictions for 2015 SEO strategies, but I’m here to refresh those predictions with a new post—not all of last year’s […]

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How to scale content marketing through technology: 5 essential tips from Engagio’s Jon Miller

How to scale content marketing through technology

Jon Miller, one of the most influential leaders in MarTech (founder of Marketo and now Engagio) recently hosted an informative discussion during ContentTECH, Content Marketing Institute‘s one-day virtual marketing event dedicated to content marketing technology. With so much experience and vision, Jon was able to shed some light on a few very interesting areas of content marketing, and provided […]

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How to boost inbound marketing success with content marketing, SEO and social media

Boost inbound marketing success with content marketing, SEO and social media

Google currently indexes close to 50 billion pages in its algorithm and every minute that goes by, nearly 70,000 blog posts are created and added to the internet. Content marketing has become an effective inbound marketing strategy for companies around the globe. Yet many businesses still don’t seem to have a strategic content marketing approach […]

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Getting over the employee advocacy hump: 3 easy ways to get your co-workers to share your content

Getting over the employee advocacy hump- 3 ways to get your coworkers sharing your content

A couple of weeks ago, I was presenting to the marketing team of a large European company that was visiting Silicon Valley to better understand the impact of technology on their business. As I was preparing, I looked up their Twitter account: 41.7K followers. Then I looked up their LinkedIn followers: 63k. Facebook fans: 151.2k. Finally […]

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How to optimize your content marketing lifecycle for ROI – webinar with Sprout Social &

How to optimize your content marketing lifecycle for long term success

How long does it usually take you to write a good blog post? I’m talking about the entire process, from start to finish: the research, writing, sources, links, images, CTAs, reviewing, proofreading, publishing, etc.? We found that it can take an average of 4 to 6 hours in total. Creating good content is hard, we […]

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Content marketing analytics: how to look at the right KPIs to measure ROI (and what we learned from 20,000 conversions)

Content Marketing Analytics Framework for ROI

As we finished 2015, I looked back at our data to find out how we’ve been doing with our own content marketing. Content marketing is fundamentally human and my first source of feedback is to be constantly listening to our audience and customers. But as a data-driven marketer and entrepreneur, I find that looking at the […]

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Content marketing best practices: what we learned from 1,000+ SMB marketers

Adoption of top lean content marketing best practices by SMB marketers copy

Content marketers have no shortage of advice when it comes to best practices. The industry clearly practices what it preaches and publishes a gigantic amount of content on… how to do content right. So how do you cut through the clutter and get clarity on what’s important? Especially if you don’t have time to read […]

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How to build a valuable email list by delivering value [SPEED email, Part 2]

achieving email SPEED - part 2 - How to build a valuable email list by delivering value

As an email marketer, you need to create an email list—and grow it. Does that mean your list needs to be large? No. But it should contain the addresses of people whose challenges are largely relevant to the solutions you provide. You see, above all, the email list you build has to be useful. Useful […]

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Getting started with email marketing – Achieving email SPEED

With all the shiny objects flying around the digital marketing space, email marketing tends to lose its luster. Consequently, small business marketers that choose to leave it out of their media mix lose sales opportunities. You don’t want that. If you’re new to email marketing, struggling to get traction with it, or failing to justify […]

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Announcing the survey for’s Annual Content Marketing Report 2016 annual content marketing report 16

What content marketing KPIs are most businesses following? Where do marketers look for information about their jobs? What are the topics everyone should follow today?  If you have ever asked yourself these questions, you are not alone. At, we spend a lot of time thinking and writing about the content marketing industry. Our product is even […]

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