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Curation and the Questions No One Is Asking

Yes, curation wouldn’t exist without creation, admits Mark Armstrong, the founder of Longreads and also a team member of Pocket. But, he goes on, there are interesting questions – and perhaps more even more interesting answers – that highlights the value of Curation.

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How a Nobody can become a Somebody

This is a great post by Raymond Morin on how Social Influence and Curation are tightly interconnected. “The key to influence is based primarily on the quality and relevance of the content offered“, he writes, “Only by adding value to the maelstrom of content on the Web can a blogger reveal themselves as an influence […]

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Boost Your Website Traffic with

Sharon Hurley Hall wrote another piece on, this time giving great tips on how to drive traffic to your Web site using As she puts it: “Curating content increases your authority, but it’s also a great way to drive traffic to your site.” The tips she gives are very useful and join some […]

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The KPI's of Curation

I’ve been asked on Quora to answer this question and I felt it was worth detailing. Social Media provides us with great ways to measure success – whether at the individual or the business level – as well as actionnable items. And Social Curation has an important role to play.

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Don't be a robot!

This presentation by Corinne Weisgerber touches in a very clear format on what separates aggregation than curation. And which, in my opinion, can be summarized by the human touch. While aggregation can be automated, curation is essentially the expression act of a human being. Building Thought Leadership through Content Curation View more presentations from Corinne […]

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