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Why marketing automation software is not enough to cover all your content marketing bases

why marketing automation software isn't enough to cover all your content marketing bases

Update: we’ve added a comparison chart to at the end of this post to give you a detailed and visual overview of the difference between marketing automation software and content marketing software. Today, content marketing is an indispensable practice for marketers, with 88% of B2B marketers using it to generate traffic, leads and revenue. But while it’s […]

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How to build your authority as a writer: 9 proven ways

how to build your authority as a writer 9 proven ways

Modern marketing has evolved over the last decades, and it’s nearly impossible to imagine a marketing strategy without blogging. Therefore, marketers attract bloggers to write savvy and interesting content as it helps to expand the audience and build trust. And more often than not, a writer should establish a community of readers, but how to […]

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Social media: the heartbeat of every small business content marketing strategy

social media the heartbeat of every small business content marketing strategy

As the importance of content marketing grows, more and more small businesses are investing time and money into developing different types of content for their customers. However, many are forgetting two simple words: social media. The content marketing-social media relationship While we’re going to discuss the value of social media and the role it plays […]

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Reinventing content marketing automation: introducing the new Content Director


Content marketing has never been so hot. 80% of companies now create content as part of their marketing strategy. Yet, 71% of marketers feel their content marketing is failing. That’s over 2/3 of marketers who invested time and money into content marketing and still struggle to generate results. That’s not surprising when you have mountains of things […]

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3 productivity tips for busy marketers to increase content marketing success

3 productivity tips for busy marketers to increase content marketing success

If you’re feeling short on time, you’re not alone. In 2014, Content Marketing Institute and MarketingProfs released a report noting that 69 percent of B2B marketers and 57 percent of B2C marketers share the same challenge of their job: lack of time. Technology connects everyone online. It’s the reason content marketing is so powerful. But connecting with […]

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How to create engaging content for the senior generation: 6 actionable tips

how to create engaging content for the senior generation

As Baby Boomers move into the retirement demographic – about 10,000 of them have turned 65 every day since 2011 – web designers and content producers are facing a changing populace of web users. Baby Boomers aren’t digital natives, but most of them have learned the language and spend at least some portion of their […]

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The best tools to amplify your content marketing results for long-term success (6/6)

best tools to amplify your content marketing content marketing lifecycle amplify phase

There’s no escaping the fact that we live in an era where content marketing is simply everywhere, with 88% of B2B marketers reporting the use of content marketing in helping them to achieve their business goals. Yet despite its growing popularity, many marketers today still struggle with how to do it effectively, with an alarming 30% of […]

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7 ways to keep your social media feeds streaming with awesome content

how to keep your social media feeds streaming with awesome content

Social media accounts are hungry creatures. They have to be fed, but keeping them fed can be time consuming. Trouble is, unless your job title is “social media manager”, you’ve probably got other things you should be doing. So you either add some hours to an already long workweek, or you: Share less on social […]

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10 techniques to successfully amplify your content marketing (6/6)

10 techniques to successfully amplify your content

In an ideal world, you’d produce a great piece of content, hit publish and never have to worry about it again. In this same fairytale land, that piece of content would magically get directly in front of the audience you intended it for all on its own, and start generating traffic and leads immediately, without you having […]

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Why producing good content is not enough to succeed (and what to do about it)

why producing good content is not enough to succeed

Content production is a challenge that has dominated the content marketing space for a while now, with 54% of B2B marketers continuing to cite the creation of engaging content as their #1 content marketing challenge for 2016. Today, 80% of marketers create content, yet only 30% report their strategies as being effective. While it is a necessary and […]

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4 ways incubators and startup studios benefit from entrepreneur-in-residence programs

4 ways incubators benefit from entrepreneur-in-residence programs

Business owners participate in incubators and entrepreneurial studios to get support for their startups. By simply being part of one of these programs, they gain access to resources not normally available to startup founders. Incubators exist to bring great minds together, but without the advisors they need to mentor and nurture their members, these organizations […]

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How to use analytics to understand and improve your email marketing [SPEED Email Series, Part 5]

how to use analytics to improve your email marketing achieving email speed part 5

The best email marketer is the data-driven email marketer. Actually, you could say the same thing about all forms of digital marketing. Email marketing affords you the ultimate opportunity to collect data and apply insights to perpetually improve your work. In fact, with email, you can trace actions to specific individuals. Powerful stuff. Remember, in our […]

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The ultimate list of tools you need to analyze your content (5/6)

best content marketing tools to analyze your content 5th phase content marketing lifecycle

Content marketing is the ultimate way to connect with your audience and build brand awareness. It allows you to tell your own unique story and increase visibility around your product or company. Content marketing is an ongoing cycle whereby success comes from continually optimizing your efforts in every phase of the content marketing lifecycle. It’s also considerably hard […]

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11 content marketing misconceptions that will make you fail [and how to overcome them]

11 content marketing misconceptions that can make you fail

According to CMI’s 2016 benchmark report, only 30% of B2B marketers say their organizations are effective at content marketing. It’s no secret that content marketing has become standard practice for businesses today. Yet many marketers still struggle with how to do it effectively. With content marketing’s rise in popularity has come a slew of false […]

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How to incorporate video into your content marketing for better results

how to use video to optimize your content marketing lifecycle

As marketers, we’re always looking to improve our content, and using video allows you to just that. Videos that explain, teach, and delight give your content a strong boost, and help to bring your audience closer to your brand. According to Wyzowl, 88% of businesses say that video is an important part of their marketing […]

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How to analyze your content to generate maximum content marketing ROI (5/6)

how to analyze your content to generate maximum content marketing ROI phase 5 content marketing lifecycle

While producing and promoting your content is important, measuring the effectiveness of your efforts is vital for content marketing success. Most marketers today struggle with how to prove concrete ROI from their content marketing, and over 56% admit either failing or lacking clarity entirely on whether they are successful or not. It’s easy to create content, hit publish and then forget […]

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How to harness the benefits of guest posting: 5+ tips to make the most of your blog

how to harness the benefits of the guest post

Guest posting is a hot topic in the blogging world, raising questions about how the genre is used. Some find guest posts to be excessively promotional, while others think that the format allows sites to curate a collection of specialized expertise on topics of interest. If you don’t know a lot about a topic, isn’t […]

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7 easy ways to earn more links and shares for your content

7 easy ways to earn more links and shares for your content

Content marketing serves as a gateway for many independent online marketing functions. It’s a reputation builder, since it serves as a brand asset to new and recurring visitors. It’s a conversion enhancer, since it entices people to buy your products and services. It’s even a rank builder, since each piece of content you develop is […]

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The most effective distribution tools to promote your content (4/6)

the most effective tools to promote your content

It goes without saying that content marketing has become standard practice for companies in today’s digital age. When it works, it’s an incredibly powerful way to build relationships and exchange knowledge without overtly pitching your services or products. We know it works, we know its many benefits. Yet what many marketers don’t know and struggle […]

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Revamp, reuse, recreate: 5 [simple] ways to repurpose your blog content successfully

revamp, reuse, recreate 5 ways to repurpose your blog content

Blogs are a kind of endless field. You’ve written dozens or even hundreds of blogs, and yet, more seem to stretch out before you, waiting to fill your site. Unfortunately, staring out into that field, you may start to feel that you’re out of ideas. Really, what’s left to write about? While there will always […]

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A simple guide to promote your content in 2016: part 4 of the content marketing lifecycle

how to promote your content in 2016 phase 4 content marketing lifecycle

You did it. You got your content baby out. You’ve worked long and hard to get here. You’re tired but proud. You’re also glad you followed the tips included in our latest content marketing lifecycle optimization post about being lean to scale your content production to help you create this awesome, fresh piece your audience will love in […]

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Less is more: 7 reduction strategies to seriously improve your content

less is more 7 reduction strategies to create better content

There’s a serious quality problem in the content marketing world, and it’s only hurting marketers. Over the past several years, the value of content marketing has been heavily promoted and accepted, but people have come to misconstrue the tenets of a proper content strategy to emphasize content quantity over content quality. The reality is that both quantity and […]

Read More ranks as leading content marketing software for 2016 by GetApp

Top 3 content marketing software ranking by GetApp

Read the full article at: named top 3 best content marketing software by GetApp for Q2 2016! Last year, we ranked as the #1 best content marketing software by GetApp in their quarterly ranking of the top 25 content marketing solutions. This year, we’re proud to have made it to the top again as one of […]

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10+ of the best tools you need to produce better content (3/6)

best content marketing tools for the production phase

While content marketing is a powerful opportunity to build loyal relationships with your readers, it requires a lot of time and energy to do it successfully. Content marketing is a challenging, ongoing process that requires optimization at every phase in order to succeed. In today’s nonstop digital world that content marketing has quickly taken by storm, marketers’ need […]

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Producing great content for your blog at scale (3/6)

Producing great content for your blog at scale phase 3 of content marketing lifecycle

Content production remains the #1 challenge for most marketers when starting out with content marketing, where a lack of good content continues to be a hurdle many struggle to overcome. While it may seem basic, content creation is a vital component of effective content marketing, yet it isn’t enough. Unfortunately, it’s just one of the phases […]

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